I was rather perplexed when I received the ASSOS SJ Blitzfeder Evo7 Wind Jacket - but mainly because I had no idea that such a small box surely could hold such a worth-the-wait item. As the old saying goes, good things do come in small packages, so I gave it the benefit of the doubt. 

Owning an array of wind and waterproof packable jackets over the years, you learn a few things: they aren’t breathable, they get too hot and you won’t survive an entire ride in one. I’m not saying the Blitzfeder is completely waterproof, but it protects against gentle showers and I’m happy that ASSOS chose to trade full-waterproofness for breathability over longer distances, and it sure does make the difference.

ASSOS SJ Blitzfeder Evo7 Wind Jacket

I was riding down in North Devon over the Christmas period, and that’s when the Evo7 Wind Jacket truly came into its own. On open, harsh roads along the coast where the wind was unrelenting, it made my rides that bit more enjoyable, and even when the gradients ramped up and my heart rate soared, I was suitably cool thanks to the open mesh rear side panels.

ASSOS SJ Blitzfeder Evo7 Wind Jacket Packing Away

Straight out the box, the Foil043 fabric actually felt fragile and easily tearable, the opposite to the Endura Pakajak, and that worried me at first. Because of its thin construction, the Blitzfeder Evo7 was designed to easily pack away into a rear jersey pocket, making it ideal for when the weather can’t make up its mind, and after a few rides where I hastily had to pull the jacket from my pocket mid-ride, it lived up to my brutish attitude.

Thanks to the combination of a great fit and a high-quality Foil043 fabric construction, the nylon/elastane is also sublime in a wide range of conditions. As previously stated, in unrelenting winds the jacket kept quiet, making minimal sound and I felt little to no drag.

ASSOS SJ Blitzfeder Evo7 Wind Jacket Hems

Small features like an elasticated hem and wrist cuffs kept my body heat from escaping from open holes, but also stopped air from penetrating the jacket. These hems are lined with a grippy, silicone strip, too.

I never had to fiddle about with the zip when putting the jacket on, either, which can be a problem with other wind jackets. ASSOS have used a reinforced waterproof material around the zip to ensure the zip never gets stuck and there’s plenty of strength when you’re in a hurry. The zip housing at the top and bottom also eliminates the zip flailing around in the wind and causing irritation.

ASSOS SJ Blitzfeder Evo7 Wind Jacket Reflective Elements

Two reflective strips on either side of the shoulders enhance visibility in low light conditions, especially when you’re down in the drops.

Conclusion: The wind jacket is just this, a wind jacket. Its thin construction protects from moderate rain and harsh winds, but where you definitely feel the benefits are long, fast descents and when you’re surging along the flats. Perfect for stowing away in a rear jersey pocket and using for extra protection when the weather starts to take a turn, this jacket is well worth the price tag.


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