Whatever the weather you need to ensure your bike is running smoothly if you plan to commute, race or train. The chain and moving mechanical parts need to stay well lubricated to ensure optimum performance. Muc-Off have a long and successful history of producing easy to use, high quality lubricants, so I was intrigued to see how their latest ceramic offerings would fare over a week of intense use.

Days 1 - 5: The Commute

100km of very wet commuting with Muc-Off C3 Ceramic Wet lube.

Pink is the new black, so they say, lucky then that the Muc-Off Ceramic Wet lube comes in a neat pink tube and pipette. The C3 Ceramic Wet Lube is Muc-Off’s 'do it all' offering. Muc Off say it is ideal for not just road but cyclocross and mountain biking as well. A real hardcore, wet lube, ready for whatever cycling discipline or weather you throw at it!

The lube is made up of fluoro polymers and Boron Nitrides, which in layman's terms means it is great for long distances without frequent reapplication. This left me with the ultimate challenge- a week commuting to and from work, during one of the wettest times of the year. Looking at the forecast this week was going to put the lube to the test, and it didn't disappoint! 

On Sunday evening I applied the C3 Ceramic lube sparingly to a clean chain. The lube was super easy apply, all running smooth and ready for a week of puddles and road grime. So after a week of riding on wet roads littered with grit and gravel Friday comes around and the verdict?… After a thorough soaking most of the week, all I can say is- what a lube!  The C3 Ceramic lube stayed as fresh on the fifth day as it did on the first. A very impressive lube and would be keen to see how long it would last before I needed to reapply. 

Day 6: The Weekend Ride

135km tackling the windy Essex lanes to the café with Muc-Off C3 Ceramic Dry lube

A rare dry day and dry roads means it was time to test Muc-Off’s C3 Ceramic Dry lube. Same protocol as before, chain and parts cleaned ready for the new lube to be applied. Easy application using the handy pipette tube makes for a mess free job and means you do not spill half off it on the floor. The lube also comes with a clever UV light, which allows you to check if you've applied the lube evenly on the chain and moving parts. 

Like the C3 Wet Lube I tested on my week of commuting, the C3 Ceramic dry lube is also made from a ceramic compound making it a tough and durable lube. This product is also Petroleum free and biodegradable, big selling points of those of us that are eco-minded. Muc-Off bill this as an ideal lube whether you are riding your mountain bike down dusty trails, riding your road bike through a mountain range or battling through a tough cyclocross race, a do it all lubricator.

So how did I find it? Well put simply- it was great! My gears shifted effortlessly, rear and front derailleur were silent, and my chain spun freely. Getting home from my ride and the lube felt as fresh as it did when I first applied it over four hours earlier, just shame I did not feel quite as fresh!


  • Easy to apply

  • Long lasting

  • Mess free

  • UV light is a useful addition


  • Doesn't come with a mechanic to apply it for you