Anti Sofa Social Club

A text message notification pings on a bright winter’s morning. It can only mean one thing. 

Spinning wheels hum through the still air. Hazy light peeks over the brow of the next hill. Shouts of encouragement fill otherwise silent lanes. Eyes bright and smiles wide, the electric energy of the group ride is intoxicating. Addictive. 

The chase is on. Sprinting wheel-to-wheel along the flats. Dancing with the limits of grip down swooping descents. Pushing, motivating, and inspiring one another up the toughest climbs. Catching up with friends, reconnecting with family, exploring new routes, and critiquing the coffee at every stop. Ability, experience, and numbers aren’t important here. It’s all about the buzz.

Whoever you are, and wherever you’re from, take the chance - get up, kit up, and get out there. 

Welcome to the Anti Sofa Social Club.


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