Amp Human PR Lotion Bottle 300g

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Amp Human
PR Lotion Bottle 300g
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Amp Human PR Lotion Bottle 300g

An innovative and groundbreaking formula that is used by some of the world’s top endurance athletes, Amp Human PR Lotion uses sodium bicarbonate to grant higher levels of sporting performance and quicker rates of recovery.

The lotion comprises 33% sodium bicarbonate and this active ingredient, when absorbed into the muscles, neutralises the high levels of burning, fatigue-inducing lactic acid that is produced during intense and enduring exercise. By managing the acidity levels in the muscles, research has shown this lotion to increase training capacity, improve muscle efficiency and lower soreness post-exercise.

Application of the lotion is quick and easy, and the best results are achieved when it is smeared onto the muscles liberally, 30 minutes to two hours before exercise commences. With a non-sticky and quickly absorbed consistency, it can be reapplied every 4-6 hours during extra-long events or after particularly taxing workouts to enhance recovery.

Sodium bicarbonate is a naturally occurring electrolyte in the body and it, along with all of the other ingredients of this lotion, is entirely legal under World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) rules.


  • A performance lotion that is applied pre-workout to the muscles to help any athlete realise greater success and personal sporting achievements
  • The main active ingredient is sodium bicarbonate and this natural electrolyte supports muscle function by buffering the acid created by the muscles during exercise
  • More bicarb in the muscles neutralises lactic acid as it’s created, enabling the athlete to go harder for longer, with faster recovery
  • Apply the quick-drying lotion liberally 30 minutes to 2hrs before exercise, whether it’s training or competition
  • Application can be repeated every 4-6 hours during all-day events
  • Can be applied after especially hard workouts or races to speed up recovery
  • Research has shown the lotion to help athletes complete 25% more high-intensity intervals to exhaustion and reduce DOMS (post-workout muscle soreness) by 53%
  • Used by Tour de France winners, MTB World Champions, IronMan professionals and marathon world record holders
  • Completely legal under World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) rules regarding prohibited substances
  • Please note: The lifestyle images of the cyclist show an older design of the bottle. The updated bottle design is grey, as shown in the primary image

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