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Assos Tiburu Laalalai Womens Jacket

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Introducing the Assos Tiburu Laalalai Womens Jacket, a great jacket that is capable of performing in a wide range of conditions.

This is a mid-weight jacket that has been designed with exceptional attention to detail. Packed with technical features, the front panel is designed to keep the wind and rain at bay and the construction has focussed on balancing insulation and breathability, with no compromise on comfort.

Assos Tiburu Laalalai Womens Jacket

As part of the Tiburu climaRange, the Assos Tiburu Laalalai Womens Jacket has been engineered to cope with the changeable conditions of spring and autumn.

A number of top end fabrics combine to offer the best in performance and comfort. The advanced stratagonUltra milleRighe fabric keeps you dry, both when you are working hard, by wicking sweat away from the body, and by protecting you from the rain. You will reap the benefits of the Pavé fabric in a range of conditions thanks to its ability to both insulate and breathe.

The raw cut, ultra-sonic bonded cuffs are constructed from Sens Heavy Tex for added comfort against the skin and for added heat retention. The Raglan cut sleeves provide an improved fit, being integrated into the material at the shoulder instead of just being attached, and results in a full range of movement with no restrictions.

The pockets are easy to access whilst riding and their contents will remain secure even over rough roads thanks to the triple ramp concept. Your safety is increased by the added reflective features so other road users are fully aware of your presence.


  • stratagonUltra milleRighe: Technologically advanced Assos exclusive fabric with a thermo-response membrane
  • Pavé: A lightweight, fast drying warm-weather fabric with push-pull technology to insulate as well as breathe. Ideal properties for a wide range of conditions and rides
  • Craq: Flat knit fabric with 4-way stretch. Contours to the body for ideal fit and reduced drag
  • Sens Heavy Tex: Maximum comfort material, used here to hone the feel of the cuffs
  • Raglan cut sleeves: Sleeves that are integrated all the way into the shirt
  • Raw-cut cuffs: High-end finish which eradicates the hem for upgraded comfort
  • Assos standard pockets with triple ramp concept for ease of access and
  • Ultra-sonic bonding: Method of closely welding parts without stitching. Used on the cuffs to eliminate abrasion and retain heat
  • Enhanced safety: Added reflective visibility features for alerting other road users to your presence

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