Endura SpeedPedelec E-Bike Helmet

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SpeedPedelec E-Bike Helmet

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Endura SpeedPedelec E-Bike Helmet

The Endura SpeedPedelec E-Bike Helmet has been designed to protect the rider from the higher speeds encountered while riding an electric bike.

The helmet's main body is made from a lightweight hi-density foam construction and this combines with its Koroyd honeycomb core to absorb the energy of heavy, direct impacts, shielding the wearer's head in the event of an accident. An in-moulded shell on the exterior helps retain the helmets structural integrity and large adjustable vents provide a controlled airflow that can be tuned according to the weather conditions.

A removable visor protects the eyes from wind and errant debris and the micro-adjustment retention system teams up with the antibacterial interior pads to comfortably clasp the head. This helmet meets all required safety standards, including the NTA8776 speed e-bike certificate.


  • A helmet designed specifically for the high speeds encountered on electric bikes
  • Lightweight in-mould construction with extended skull coverage
  • Full integrated Koroyd core for superior energy absorption
  • Controlled airflow cooling with easy open front vent system and top air intake vent
  • Removable visor provides integrated eye protection
  • Antibacterial  fast-wicking fabric padding
  • One-hand micro-adjustment fit system
  • Covered by Endura's Crash Replacement Policy
  • Certified to CE standard EN1078 and the new NTA8776 e-bike standard
Please note: Unless otherwise stated, all bicycle helmets sold on SigmaSports.com are certified with a European CE EN1078 standard. Specific countries may have their own certification, which is legally required. Please check your specific country requirements.

Endura SpeedPedelec E-Bike Helmet Sizing

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