Fabric Silicone Bar Tape

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Silicone Bar Tape
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The Fabric Silicone Bar Tape is durable and easy to clean, can be re-wrapped numerous times and is made of a naturally absorbant material, so it also offers exceptional comfort.

Also included is finishing tape and bar end plugs, which feature the familiar Fabric logo.

Fabric Silicone Bar Tape

An ultra stylish finishing touch to your bike, the Fabric Silicone Bar Tape is incredibly soft as well as being very durable. By using silicone, Fabric has been able to create a tape that absorbs shock on even the most poorly surfaced roads. This material is also easy to clean and is naturally tacky, so it can be re-wrapped numerous times.

Supplied with finishing tape and the Fabric logo bar end plugs, this is a grippy, high-quality addition to your handlebars that are ready to adorn your bicycle.


  • Made from silicone
  • Easy to clean
  • Soft to the touch
  • Absorbent material enhances comfort
  • Can be re-wrapped numerous times
  • Includes finishing tape and bar end plugs

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