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This item is no longer available to buy. View similar products.

HUUB Aperitif 3:5 Wetsuit

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This item is no longer available to buy. View similar products.

Product ID: 625301

The Huub Aperetif 3:5 Wetsuit has been designed to offer triathletes superb value and a 3:5 buoyancy pattern that reduces your frontal area while still providing superior buoyancy.

The glide skin neoprene treatment makes the suit more hydrodynamic and the speed cut zipper and cuffs help to speed up transition.

Huub Aperetif 3:5 Wetsuit

Perfect for beginner triathletes and open water swimmers, the Huub Aperetif 3:5 Wetsuit has a 3:5 buoyancy pattern that aids those who possibly are not so confident in the water whilst also boosting your front profile through the water.

3mm neoprene around the chest and 5mm neoprene on the legs promotes the much sought-after downhill swimming positioning. This position reduces frontal drag while also optimising your stroke power output.

Under the arms, Huub have utilised 1.5mm neoprene panelling to improve flexibility while the thickness combination on the front and back of the suit boosts your speed without affecting your range of movement. The suit's glide-skin specification goes to further reduce drag.

On the back, the long zipper with a break-away closure means the suit can be quickly removed during transition. A fast T1 is also aided with the speed cut ankle and hand cuffs.


  • 3:5 buoyancy combination for improved body position and reduced drag
  • 1.5mm under-arm for maximum flexibility
  • Scientifically researched neoprene thickness combinations
  • Glide-skin specifications for reduced surface drag
  • Specific panel placements for flexibility and efficiency
  • Speed cut ankle and cuffs for ease of exit

HUUB Aperitif 3:5 Wetsuit Sizing

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