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Lazer Victor TT Helmet

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Blast your way around the circuit on your time trial or triathlon with the Lazer Victor TT Helmet.

Optimised for real-world usage, this helmet's low-bulk profile and shortened tail work to part and unite airflows for much-lowered drag coefficients on the course, seeing you shave all important time from your personal bests. Dual vented and with an integrated visor, for the rider with their eyes on the top step, this helmet assures a real clarity of vision.

Lazer Victor TT Helmet

Performance protection - designed for that last gasp assault on the line, the Lazer Victor TT Helmet has been extensively wind tunnel tested to provide you with the most efficient and effective helmet in all-out time trialling situations. Optimised to provide top performance regardless of where you hold your head when hurtling along at your hottest pace, this helmet is designed to reduce the drag you produce and provide you with crucial extra seconds.

A shorter tail allowing for easy movement in real life situations, this helmet doesn't affect your usability on the road, with head waggling having little effect on the drag-coefficient put out by this helmet thanks to its sublime shaping. Compact and with sides extending down over the ears for a slick parting of the air, this helmet keeps a low profile on the head, hunkering down for that full tilt effort. Aerodynamics bolstered too by the integrated, mirrored visor, you can be sure of a crystal clear and wide-eyed vision of your best ever performance.

This visor moved neatly forward to provide you with two quality ventilation ports, you needn't get too hot-headed in your pursuit of glory. Safety provided by the In-Mold-EPS construction, fit is assured thanks to the ATS dial system, offering you micrometric control over the internal webbing, neatly securing your helmet in situ for improved aerodynamics as well as top-level safety protection


  • Designed to be fast and agile
  • Features a shorter tail to allow head movement with minimal effect on the drag coefficient
  • Compact helmet that allows riders to move their heads without disrupting their aerodynamics
  • Sides of the helmet shell are curved and drop down low enough to cover the ears
  • Holds a large screen visor to improve the aerodynamics and provide perfect visual clarity
  • Supplied with mirrored lens
  • Visor can also move forward to open up two ventilation ports that create airflow
  • In-Mold construction
  • Two vents
  • ATS dial fit system
  • Wind tunnel tested

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