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OTE Beta Alanine 250g

Beta Alanine 250g

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OTE Beta-Alanine 250g

OTE’s 250-gram pack of Beta-Alanine is ideal for those partaking in power-based explosive sports like weight lifting or long endurance events as it increases muscle carnosine which protects against intense training by absorbing the hydrogen ions caused by exercise. This delays fatigue and allows for higher work output. This supplement has a neutral flavour so is ideal for adding to a snack or meal like porridge or a smoothie.

Ingredients: 100% Beta-Alanine


  • Pure Beta Alanine
  • Increase strength and power output
  • Increase aerobic endurance
  • Increase anaerobic endurance
  • Increases muscle carnosine
  • Delays muscle fatigue – Train harder, for longer
  • No artificial sweeteners, colourings and preservatives

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