Sidi Shot Matt Road Cycling Shoes

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Shot Matt Road Cycling Shoes

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The Sidi Shot Matt Road Cycling Shoes are packed with top-end technology to enhance your performance and comfort.

The Vent carbon sole is lightweight and creates a stiff platform for efficient power transfer. With an adjustable vent, these shoes are suited to all seasons and the Microfibre Techpro upper is water, mould and bacteria-resistant, keeping your feet feeling and smelling fresh. Ensuring your feet don't slip when climbing and sprinting, the heel retention device can be adjusted to tighten and loosen the heel cup for a customised fit.

Sidi Shot Matt Road Cycling Shoes

Italian shoe manufacturer Sidi is renowned for producing high-quality cycling shoes featuring innovative and cutting-edge technology. The top-of-the-line Shot Matt Road Cycling Shoes are incredibly stiff and light and will satisfy the needs of the most demanding riders and racers.

Sidi's Vent carbon sole construction means that all your power will translate into speed on the road and whilst working hard, your feet will remain comfortable thanks to the ventilation system. Air channels ensure that plenty of air flows over the feet and a vent on the sole can be opened and closed to suit the conditions, making this a great shoe option for every season. The carbon weave pattern is what gives this shoe its stiffness, but also allows a small degree of flex in the toe area. With a little flexibility, stress on the plantar tendon is reduced and circulation improved.

The standard three-hole cleat pattern is compatible with Shimano and Look cleats and Look Memory Eyelets® allow you to align and replace your cleats with ease. A good choice for triathletes looking for a top-performing shoe, the vent will allow water to drain quickly so your feet dry fast after transitioning from the water.

The Microfibre Techpro upper is not only durable, stable and light, it also repels water and has been treated to prevent the growth of bacteria and mould so your shoes remain odour-free ride after ride.

This shoe will feel like it's been made for you, thanks to a number of adjustment systems. The Double Techno-3 Push system has a central mechanism to create the perfect tension across the top of the foot, so even if you have a low or high instep you'll achieve the same supreme comfort. A button on the buckle can be pushed, to lift the buckle and facilitate easy and quick adjustments.

The heel retention device closes the back of the shoes securely around your heel so your foot doesn't slip when climbing or sprinting. With both sides of the heel independently adjusted, you'll be able to achieve the optimum fit for you. The heel pad not only makes it easy to walk safely when off the bike but it is also replaceable so you don't start to wear down your carbon soles. Reflex inserts in the heel area increase your visibility when riding in low light conditions, alerting other road users to your presence in plenty of time.


  • Matt finish
  • Materials: Microfibre Techpro matt and mesh (upper) / Vent Carbon (sole)
  • Double Techno-3 Push system
  • Adjustable heel retention device with reflex inserts for enhanced visibility
  • Sidi heel cup
  • Replaceable anti-slip polyurethane heel pad
  • Compatible with Shimano and Look pedals

Sidi Shot Matt Road Cycling Shoes Sizing

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