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Speedplay Zero Aero Stainless Steel Pedal System

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Zero Aero Stainless Steel Pedal System

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The Speedplay Zero Aero Stainless Steel Pedal System is designed to increase speed by dramatically cutting wind resistance.

With a minuscule frontal surface area, dimpled surfaces, and a streamlined profile, the Zero Aero Pedal System is able to dramatically reduce drag so you can produce more speed with the same power.

Speedplay Zero Aero Stainless Steel Pedal System

The Speedplay Zero Aero Stainless Steel Pedal System can give you the advantage when every second counts. Designed for time trails and triathlons but also extremely effective on the regular road, the Zero Aero Pedal System dramatically reduces wind resistance for the ultimate aerodynamic pedal system.

With its very small frontal surface area and dimpled surface, which acts in the same way as that on a golf ball to cut through the air, the pedal and cleat are able to slice through the air with an incredibly small amount of drag.

This is ultimately why Sir Bradley Wiggins chose the Speedplay Zero Aero Pedal System for his UCI Hour Record attempt in June 2015. The marginal gains that the aerodynamic pedal system provided gave an advantage over the competition that the Tour de France winner, Hour Record holder and four-time Olympic Champion could not pass up.

It's not just aerodynamics that these pedals provide though. They also come complete with rubberised tread covers that improve traction on the ground, making the cleats longer lasting and safer to walk around in.

The Zero Aero allows the rotational float to be precisely micro-adjusted to the exact range needed or set in a fixed position anywhere within the 15-degree adjustment range. Furthermore, all the foot axis can be micro adjusted independently for the ultimate level of customisation. Fore-aft, side-to-side and rotational foot positions can all be adjusted independently eliminating any guesswork and misalignment when replacing cleats.

A thin pedal profile means that with the Zero Aero System you can put the pedal down through the corners when your rivals are coasting. Nevertheless, the large stable pedalling platform still provides the same solid connection as a conventional single-sided pedal as with the unique inverted design the cleat becomes the platform once the pedal is engaged.

Utilising precision cartridge bearings allows for a lower stack height, better cornering clearance and less wind resistance. The Zero Aero Walkable Cleat fits any shoe with three or four-hole mounting options and the easy lubrication means maintenance is simple.

Please note: Speedplay also offer a Light Action range of Zero pedals, which might be preferable for lighter riders (around 60kg or less), as they require less force to engage the cleat with the pedal. To browse the full range of Speedplay Zero pedals, click this link.


  • Includes Zero Aero Walkable™ Cleats with special Aero Base Plate Surrounds
  • Unbeatable cornering clearance: 37 degrees (Stainless)
  • The lowest stack height: 8.5 mm stack height for 4-hole mounting / 11.5 mm stack height for 3-hole mounting
  • Fits more shoes: The Zero Aero Walkable™ Cleat fits any shoe with a 3-hole or 4-hole mount
  • Walkable cleats: Dimpled, rubberised tread covers the cleat for improved aerodynamics and traction
  • Easy maintenance: For easy bearing lubrication, a fitting to facilitate grease injection is included
  • Weight: Stainless pedal each - 105g
  • One-sided fitting for optimal aerodynamics
  • Zero Aero Walkable™ Cleat pair - 84g/130g (Weights for 4-hole/3-hole mounting)
  • Speedplay Zero Aero spindle length: Stainless - 53mm

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