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Veloforte Bites Mixed Bag 186g

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Bites Mixed Bag 186g

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Everything you love about the Veloforte bars but in convenient easy to chew bite-sized pieces.

Each bag of 15 bites is the equivalent to 3 whole bars.

##Veloforte Bites Bag 186g The 186g Veloforte Bites Mixed Bag is a tasty, nutritious solution to power you through your next exercise routine. Doing away with the synthetic powders and gels, these all-natural bars are developed for use on the go, and take their inspiration from Italian cuisine's Panforte - a natural mixture of fruits, nuts and spices from Tuscany. These little and often bites allow you to intake the three core bars of the Veloforte Range, which remains 100% natural as well as preservative, dairy and egg-free. Taken once every 20 minutes, these natural energy bites will ensure that you can pedal on over the next climb, with a taste that you'll want to savour for miles to come. ##Classico Nutritional Information Per Bar * Energy KJ/KCAL: 1211/289 * Total fat: 8.6g * Of which saturates: 0.7g * Carbohydrates: 59.8g * Of which sugars: 41.9g * Fibre: 3.6g * Protein: 4.4g * Salt: Trace ##Ingredients Citrus Peel (orange, lemon, citron), almonds (allergen), unrefined caster sugar, honey, vanilla paste, spices, orange zest, rice paper. ##Ciocco Nutritional Information Per Bar * Energy KJ/KCAL: 1248/297 * Total Fat: 9.8g * Of which saturates: 1.5g * Carbohydrates: 44.2g * Of which sugars: 42.5g * Fibre: 4.2g * Protein: 5.1g * Salt: Trace ##Ingredients: Dates, almonds(allergen), unrefined caster sugar, honey, cocoa, spices, vanilla paste, rice paper. ##Di Bosco Nutritional Information Per Bar * Energy KJ/KCAL: 1246/297 * Total Fat: 8.9g * Of which saturates: 0.8g * Carbohydrates: 47.6g * Of which sugars: 39.3g * Fibre: 3.9g * Protein: 4.9g * Salt: Trace ##Ingredients Red berries (cranberry, strawberry, cherry), almonds and pistachios (allergens), unrefined caster sugar, honey, wheat flour (allergen), beetroot, spices, lemon zest, vanilla paste, rice paper.


  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Dairy, egg and preservative free
  • Based on an ancient Italian recipe
  • Contains the equivalent of three bars
  • One Veloforte Classico bar
  • One Veloforte Ciocco bar
  • One Veloforte Di Bosco bar
  • Pre-divided into easy bites

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