Wahoo Speedplay Aero Pedals

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Speedplay Aero Pedals

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Wahoo Speedplay Aero Pedals

Combining enhanced aerodynamics, improved power transfer and generous adjustability, the Wahoo Speedplay Aero Pedals are an ideal addition to high-end race, time-trial and triathlon bikes.

The durable Grivory pedal bodies, stainless-steel spindles and triple-sealed bearings combine to offer a lightweight and durable package with an aerodynamically inspired, single-sided format. The clip in side of the pedal bodies form a highly stable connection with the cleats, and this is allied with a class-leading stack height measurement to grant the rider better pedalling efficiency. The bottom side of the pedal body has a sleek, dimpled form that merges seamlessly with the cleat to reduce aerodynamic drag markedly. The reduced stack height also contributes to lowered air resistance as it enables the rider to sit in a lower position on the bike.

A three-axis configuration allows the cleats to be adjusted in the fore/aft, left/right and rotational planes for precise bike fit alterations. A 0-15° float range is offered by the cleats, guaranteeing rider comfort and minimising the risk of injury.

The system's svelte profile grants excellent cornering clearance, and the rubberised cleat surround donates grip when off the bike and walking around at the café.


  • Left and right pedals
  • Standard tension cleats, including the 3 bolt base plate and all cleat surrounds
  • Screw packet
  • Quick start guide
  • Important product information guide


  • A lightweight, road bike pedal that reduces aerodynamic drag, boasts exceptional adjustability and improves power transfer
  • Durable Grivory pedal bodies combine with stainless steel axles and triple-sealed bearings
  • The single-sided format features a dimpled, aero-profiled underside that integrates seamlessly with the cleats to reduce aerodynamic drag
  • The pedal and cleat interface gives excellent stability for increased power transfer
  • A best-in-class stack height increases connection for a more efficient pedalling action
  • The lower stack height can also reduce a riders drag on the bike
  • Three-axis cleat adjustability allows for independent fore-aft, left-right and rotational alterations
  • 0-15° of float is offered by the cleat for personalised amounts of comfort
  • The slim profile of the system affords increased cornering clearance
  • The slim profile cleat and its rubber texture create enhanced stability when walking off the bike
  • Standard tension cleats are supplied (also compatible with Easy Tension Cleats - available separately)


  • Physical dimensions: 3.9" x 2" x 2"
  • Manufacturer claimed weight: 224 grams per pair
  • Stack height: 11.5mm (with 3 hole base plate) 8.5mm (when the cleat is directly placed on a 4 hole shoe sole)
  • Q Factor: 53mm
  • Body material: Grivory
  • Spindle material: Stainless steel
  • Bearing type: Triple-sealed cartridge and needle bearings
  • Cornering clearance: 37°
  • Maximum rider weight: No restriction
  • Cleats: Standard tension included
  • Release angle: Micro-adjustable from 0° to 7.5°
  • Pedal float: Adjustable from 0° to 15°
  • Cleat fore-aft adjustability: Up to 13mm
  • Cleat left-right adjustability: Up to 8mm
  • Walkable cleat: Yes (adapter included)

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