Gore Bike Wear products are designed to keep the bad weather at bay and allow you to enjoy the great outdoors. The Gore Bike Wear Power Bib Short claims to be the new benchmark in the American manufacturer’s long lineage of protection, with a raft of features that prevent your ride from being ruined by inhospitable weather.

Given that the correlation between riding in the UK and riding in bad weather is very strong, the Power Bib Short seems the perfect choice for year-round riding and after several months of testing in a variety of conditions I can safely say that it does not let you down.

Gore Power bib short front

Let's start with the seat pad as this is where Gore Bike Wear have focused a great deal on development. One thing that often puts riders off wearing bib shorts in cold and windy conditions is the horrible feeling that such weather can impose on you delicate nether regions. Thankfully, Gore Bike Wear has incorporated a windproof front section that extends from the front of the pad to prevent any chilly breezes from getting between your legs.

Gore Bike Wear's Power seat pad claims to be specifically designed for medium distance rides around three hours in length. The pad feels far more cushioned than others I've tested and this cushioning translates into comfort that I found can definitely exceed the seat pad's three-hour prognosis.

Gore Power bib short details

The seat pad has two layers of padding with Gore Bike Wear's Anti-Vibration-System (AVS). This system basically acts to spread the force of vibrations horizontally rather than vertically up into your posterior. This is certainly welcomed on the rough roads of early spring and late autumn where road debris can make for a bumpy ride.

Many other pads that are on the thicker side also have trouble shedding moisture and I was certainly concerned that the Power pad would have the same downsides when I headed out on a dramatically wet ride in the Lake District. However, thanks to the pad's perforated construction it sheds water quickly, remaining comfortable even when you are fully sodden.

The pad's sculptured shape also boosts comfort as it alleviates chafing around your delicate areas and after over 500 miles of testing, the pad still did not loose its shape.

Gore Power bib short details

While the pad is certainly impressive, other features certainly perform well too. The lack of hem grippers initially had me apprehensive that when combined with leg warmers, these shorts would ride up. Fortunately, the superb fit keeps this from happening and the slightly thicker Lycra material means the shorts maintain their shape better than most.

I am 6'1" and weight 82 kilograms and opted for the medium size, which fitted perfectly. The leg panelling provides ample compression and there is no uncomfortable bunching around the crotch. The only downside to these shorts, for some, could be the rather understated design. This does mean though that the shorts can be paired with pretty much any kit combination.

Gore Power bib short back

Gore Bike Wear's bib strap design remains one of the best in the industry with a breathable mesh construction that lies comfortably flat under your jersey. The lower cut at the front also makes nature breaks easy and avoids the need for any peculiar roadside contortions.


Gore Bike Wear have built their name on enduring comfort and performance, with garments that keep you protected from the elements and that is exactly what the Gore Bike Wear Power Bib Short offers. While the understated aesthetics definitely do not shout about the performance, the comfort and capabilities of the short will certainly have you reaching for them when the weather looks uncooperative throughout the year.

Gore Power bib short mesh detail