Keeping your feet dry is important if you are looking to #ridelots. The veloToze shoe covers are new and designed to offer a water and windproof barrier against the elements. If you are riding in Britain or northern Europe you are used to unpredictable seasons and extreme weather. With wetter winters, the veloToze shoe cover could be the answer every cyclist is looking for. 

veloToze are an American company and have created the covers to be aerodynamic, functional and stylish. From the outset I was impressed with the design. The high cuff provides a professional look, while the wide range of colours available, all with dynamic graphics, make the covers stand out. The lightweight design means the covers can be folded away and stored in a rear jersey pocket when not needed.

First ride and time to don the veloToze. Unlike traditional covers, veloToze have to be put on before your shoes. This means you need to stretch the upper cuff and slide your foot through the cleat hole. This takes some practise, but once the technique is mastered, this is a simple task. I use size 43 shoes and the large covers were a little tight but not restrictive. VeloToze covers come up slightly on the small side so would recommend going for a size bigger than you normally would with shoe covers.

Once the cover is over foot and on the lower part of the leg you can then put your shoes on, pull the heel section over the rear of the shoe and finally stretch the toe section over the front of the shoe (see video below).

The reinforced cleat section fits a range of pedals, while the small cut out on the heel means you can still use the tread of the shoe for grip.

This snug fit makes for an aerodynamic cover, although after time the thin material does show signs of wear, so care should be taken when pulling the covers on.

Once on it was time to hit the road. With a 50 kilometre loop planned, I was soon riding through light drizzle, a lot of surface water and a gusty wind, these were perfect conditions to really test the covers out.

Water resistance

The covers neoprene like rubber material acts like a swim cap and even riding through persistent rain, the water droplets seem to bounce off the material. Through standing water a little bit of water did seep in, although this may have been through the base of the shoe. After close to two hours in the rain I took my shoes off to find my feet slightly moist, yet significantly drier than if I had not been wearing covers at all. This moisture is probably due to the rubber like material as well, which is not particularly breathable.

The high cuff does not just look good, it also protects your lower leg from road spray and being skin tight stops water from running down your legs into your shoes.

Wind protection

This is where I really found the veloToze shoe covers stood out. Riding into a biting headwind the skin tight fit meant the wind did not penetrate the covers. Chilly toes were not a problem, even with the temperature touching 5 degrees celsius and wearing just standard weight socks.

Taking the covers off is a quick and easy procedure. Simply reverse the process of putting them on.

A week on and after a few more rides the covers are still holding up well. They are easy to keep clean, by wiping down with a wet cloth and they have retained their shape. VeloToze would be ideal for time trials and road races and can be worn over your tights or leg warmers or, in warmer weather, against your skin with shorts.

These covers are ideal for all year round use, although not for temperatures below 3-5 degrees celsius.

The only negatives I can take away from using veloToze is their durability, issues with breathability and the slightly fiddly process of taking them on and off.

In conclusion if you are looking for an affordable, functional, lightweight, high performance shoe cover trying veloToze may be the way to go. The low price point means after a few months riding if they are looking a little tired it will not cost a fortune to replace them.

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