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To celebrate the launch of Shimano's new GRX 820 Groupset and Shimano WH-RX880 GRX wheels, we set about to create the ultimate gravel bike. With a little help from our friends at Cannondale, we incorporated the latest componentry and parts from the likes of ENVE, Silca and Reform to make a trail-ready, high-performance dream gravel bike. Read on to find out how it came about.

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Cannondale Topstone LAB71 Gravel Frameset

Cannondale Topstone LAB71 Gravel Frameset

Cannondale has long had a close affinity to the world of gravel and their Topstone range is one of the most popular platforms among our customers. Favoured for its versatility when it comes to mounting options and its ride quality, the Topstone is the choice for riders looking for a trusty bikepacking companion but it is equally as capable as a fast, gravel racing rig. This, the LAB71 version, shares, with the rest of the Topstone range, the same Kingpin suspension system, 45mm tyre clearance and BSA threaded bottom bracket standard but takes a step up when it comes to a lighter Series 0 carbon frame construction and an eye-catching paint scheme.

Shimano GRX 820 Groupset

Shimano GRX 820 Groupset

As standalone gravel-specific groupsets go, for many years now Shimano's GRX system has been the gold standard. The go-to choice for many due to its reliability, the gearing options available and ease of maintenance, the GRX 820 version offers 12-speed mechanical shifting and a more refined approach to shifting and braking when compared to its predecessor. The groupset is available in both single and double chainring options.

For this build we opted for a 172.5mm crank length version, with a 40T single chainring and a 10-51 Deore XT cassette.

Cannondale Topstone LAB71 Gravel Bike Assembly

Assembling the Build

With such a monumental bike in prospect, we wanted to ensure we gave the build the attention to detail it deserved. Specced by Sigma Sports Hampton Wick Store's Bike Sales Team Member and gravel aficionado Graeme and brought to life by Will, one of our expert mechanics from the Sigma Sports Workshop, we can safely say no stone was left unturned in the pursuit of gravel perfection.

Reform Seymour Saddle

Speccing the Cannondale Topstone LAB71 Gravel Bike

In addition to the LAB71 Topstone frameset and GRX 820 groupset we fitted an array of carefully considered components and parts to this build. From the 142mm wide Reform Seymour saddle, which allows riders to mould it to their body, to the flared ENVE Gravel Carbon Handlebar, the spec list is an impressive one.

Not just aesthetically pleasing, this bike has been constructed with functionality in mind as well, with trusted choices coming in the form of Pirelli Cinturato Gravel H TLR tyres, in a 40mm wide guise. These have been paired with the Shimano WH-RX880 GRX 700c wheels. As finishing touches go the Silca Sicuro Cerakote Titanium bottle cages are a neat addition. Three of these cages have been mounted to the frame, with each weighing in at a scant 30 grams.

The ultimate gravel bike? We think so. Take a closer look at the Cannondale Topstone LAB71 x Shimano GRX Gravel Bike.

Want to learn more about designing and getting your dream bike built at Sigma Sports? Our team of friendly, knowledgeable, and passionate experts are on hand online and in our stores to make your dream a reality. Start your dream bike journey by contacting us today.

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