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Bont Riot MTB+ BOA Mountain Bike Shoes

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Packed with Bont's pro series technical features, the Bont Riot MTB+ BOA Mountain Bike Shoes are heat mouldable for full customisation and the carbon composite construction increases strength in high stress areas, whilst keeping the weight low.

The BOA retention system allows for micro adjustments for the perfect fit.

Bont Riot MTB+ BOA Mountain Bike Shoes

The Bont Riot MTB+ BOA Mountain Bike Shoes are the most technically advanced entry level MTB shoes available. The uni-directional carbon fibre construction is lightweight and resistant to strain in high-stress areas and the Durolite outer skin is both durable and further reduces the weight.

You don't need to worry about slipping when not clipped in, as the sole is both grippy and minimises retention of mud. A TPU toe protector will reduce damage to the front of the shoes from wheel rub and other impact, and will keep your feet feeling cool and fresh thanks to the added ventilation holes.

While some shoes stretch with use, this won't be a problem with the Riot MTB+ Mountain Bike Shoes, with an added layer of Kevlar-like material between the outer and the liner, which is bonded to the liner and becomes a part of the shoes structure. This material is resistant to stretch and will assist in pedalling efficiency due to its supportive properties.

Bont's last design ensures that all their shoes are exceptionally functional and provide the correct anatomical support required when cycling. Similarly, the shape of the forefoot area eliminates any restriction to the toes and metatarsals and ensures pedalling forces are spread across a larger surface area. The lateral forefoot support keeps the foot in a neutral position for correct tracking through the knees. The heel cup enhances stability to increase pedalling efficiency during the up stroke.

Closed cell memory foam reduces the retention of water and sweat to improve the durability of the shoes. Enhanced customisation is achieved through both the heat mouldable chassis, utilising epoxy thermoset resin, and a combined BOA dial and velcro closure system for micro adjustments.

Returns information: Please note that we can not accept returns after shoes have been heat moulded.


To find your size, place a tape measure on a flat surface up against a wall. Stand on the tape measure with your heel against the wall. Take the measurement from your longest toe and use the MM scale on the size chart to find your size. The 'Standard Fit' column gives an idea of the width of the shoe (at the widest part of your foot). The mm sizes on the size chart are the exact length of the last used to build the shoes. If you find that your mm size is exactly the same as a value on the size chart, you may want to select one size bigger to give your toes some room. Eg. You measure your foot and it is 268mm, which is a size 42.5. Unless you like your shoes very tight, you may wish to wear a size 43.


  • Material: Carbon composite construction with microfibre upper
  • Stack height: 4.8 mm
  • Air vents: Ventilations holes through upper, and mesh inserts
  • Innersole: Comfort
  • Sole guards: Replaceable
  • Cleat mounting: MM grid plus grip / SPD compatible
  • Fit: Fully heat moldable chassis utilising epoxy thermoset resin
  • Closure system: Z form velcro strap and Boa dial system
  • Weight: 385 grams

Bont Riot MTB+ BOA Mountain Bike Shoes Sizing

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