Mavic Allroad S Disc Wheelset

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Allroad S Disc Wheelset

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Mavic Allroad S Disc Wheelset 2021

Thanks to their refined alloy rims and robust design, the Mavic Allroad S are a versatile disc wheelset that performs admirably in gravel races, during bike packing adventures and on the daily commute across potholed roads.

The light, strong and laterally stiff aluminium rims provide a lively ride sensation and handle rough surfaces with aplomb. Fore Technology directly threads the spoke nipples into the rim body, avoiding the need to drill the upper rim bridge. This process enhances the rim’s strength markedly and negates the need for any rim tape. The rims have a 22mm wide, hookless internal format that is designed to enhance performance when using tubeless-ready tyres, lowering rolling resistance and improving comfort over the roughest terrain.

Infinity hubs combine with 24 aerodynamic spokes, front and rear, to deliver even build tensions. This build precision leads to heightened efficiency under load and improved disc brake power and control.


  • UST tubeless-ready tyre valves and accessories
  • User guide


  • A light but robust wheelset for gravel races, epic backpacking adventures and commuting over variable terrain
  • Aluminium rims are light, strong and laterally stiff
  • Fore Technology increases the rims strength by threading the spoke nipples directly into the rim, negating the need to drill the upper rim bridge
  • 22mm internal rim width mates perfectly with very wide tyres to lower rolling resistance and permit lower tyre inflation pressures
  • Hookless inner rim format is designed for perfect mating with tubeless-ready tyres
  • Infinity hubs are light, increase power transfer and improve disc brake modulation by optimising spoke tensions 
  • Hub automatic bearing preload adjustment gives added bearing durability
  • Instant Drive 360 freehub provide fast engagement under acceleration
  • 24 aerodynamic spokes, front and rear, save five watts per wheel, evenly distribute disc braking forces and provide heightened dependability


  • Tyre compatibility: UST tubeless-ready clincher
  • Wheel size: 700c
  • Rim: Maxtal aluminium with Fore Technology
  • Rim profile: Symmetrical
  • Rim finish: All black, satin surface
  • Rim depth: 22mm
  • Internal rim width: 22mm
  • Rim internal format: Hookless
  • Spokes: Mavic steel straight pull, elliptical aero, double-butted
  • Spoke count:  Front - 24 / Rear - 24
  • Spoke lacing pattern: Front - two-cross / Rear - two-cross
  • Hubs: Front - Mavic Infinity disc brake / Rear - Mavic Infinity disc brake with Instant Drive 360 freehub
  • Freehub compatibility: SRAM XDR or Shimano HG/SRAM Road 11-speed
  • Brake compatibility: Disc Center Lock
  • Front axle: 12mm x 100mm thru-axle compatible (Convertible to Quick Release with optional adapters (available separately) or 15mm thru-axle with an axle replacement (available separately))
  • Rear axle: 12mm x 142mm thru-axle compatible (Convertible to Quick Release and 12x135 thru-axle with optional adapters (available separately))
  • Recommended tyre size: 28mm to 64mm (1.1” - 2.5”)
  • Maximum tyre pressure: See indication on wheel and tyre. If they differ, use the lowest of the two
  • Maximum recommended rider weight: 120kg/265lbs (including rider, bike and any other luggage)
  • Manufacturer claimed weight: Front: 830 grams / Rear: 935 grams / Wheelset: 1,765 grams

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