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SRM Origin 30 Rechargeable Power Meter System (Inc PC8)

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Origin 30 Rechargeable Power Meter System (Inc PC8)

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The ultimate level in performance power metering, the SRM Origin 30 Rechargeable Power Meter System (Inc PC8) is a bundle that provides you with pro-level data collection and easily displayed metrics in order to further your performance and push yourself further in training or on that race day.

With a 703 gram net weight, this lightweight chainset, powermeter, and head unit bundle provide you with everything you need to understand every detail of your ride.

SRM Origin 30 Rechargeable Power Meter System (Inc PC8)

SRM are the considered choice for the world's top-level cyclists, with their metering systems providing the accurate, instant data transmission that gives real insight into your performance on the bike. In this, the SRM Origin 30 Rechargeable Power Meter System (Inc PC8), you are provided with a one-stop shop means of equipping your bike for that full paced, down to the wire effort. The highest level of technology and metering ability, this bundle allows you both the metering precision of an SRM chainset alongside the absolute adaptability of SRM's headline PC8 - long the choice and reserve of the pro-peloton.

With ±1% accuracy provided through the chainset, the main feature of the SRM Origin 30 isn't just its impressive power metering function, but its sheer technological construction. Using LOOK carbon crank arms weighing just 127 grams, this chainset with rings included weighs just 610 grams in all. USB rechargeable and with a 1900 hour battery life, you can be sure that this power meter is always ready to give you your data on demand. Fitting a broad array of frame types, this option is the very peak of power metering adaptability and precision, which, coupled with the PC8 display unit, assures the rider of the ultimate information led cycling experience.

Weighing 93 grams, the alloy cased PC8 display unit provides clear, high contrast displaying of your data in an entirely personalised manner. With 500MB of internal memory and a battery standby time of 3 weeks, this unit is unparalleled for its construction quality. An integrated barometric altimeter for honed altitudinal data and full GPS tracking, your ride can be mastered in all the crucial metrics that you could hope for. A simple three button interface giving you entire control, the two SRM made units communicate via an ANT+ signal, providing real-time outputs for riders wanting the best from their time on the bike.


  • Designed to accommodate a variety of frames including road, mountain, and track
  • Trilobe Technology allows one crank arm to function as 170mm, 172.5mm, 175mm in length
  • LOOK carbon crank arm weighs 127 grams
  • 1900 hour battery life
  • USB rechargeable
  • 3 Year World-Wide warranty
  • ±1% accuracy
  • Net weight: 610 grams
  • PC8 Specification:
  • GPS tracking
  • Barometric altimeter
  • Auto backlight
  • Up to seven training zones
  • Stores data in FIT file format
  • 500MB of internal memory (4000 hours of riding)
  • Dimensions: width: 71 mm, height: 63 mm, depth: 20 mm
  • Weight: 93g
  • Battery runtime: 10 – 45 hours
  • Standby time: 3 weeks

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