Spring and summer are on the horizon and with it comes fresh new designs and innovative new garments. ASSOS have long been industry leaders when it comes to producing cutting edge, performance driven clothing and they have continued this trend for the upcoming 2017 season. We've taken a look at some of the key pieces in the Swiss company's new season collection.



With a name that conjures up images of fighter jets, supercars and speedboats, it's no surprise ASSOS' new SpeedfireChronosuit is one fast garment. Designed in conjunction with the Swiss and US National cycling teams, this suit was part of the ASSOS Fenomeno Project, targeting premium performance equipment for the world stage that is the Olympics.

ASSOS SpeedfireChronosuit

At the heart of this skinsuit is a market leading Mille S7 insert. This particular insert has been incorporated in order to offer sublime support and comfort when riding in an aerodynamic, tucked position. ASSOS have also moved the S7 insert forward to further improve support when riding in an aggressive position on the nose of the saddle.

ASSOS S7 Seatpad

Aiming for out and out pace against the clock, no stone has been left unturned in the pursuit of speed. The cut has been meticulously designed to cater for the aggressive riding position time trialists agonise for weeks to perfect. With areas such as the low-cut neck and narrow shoulder section having been added specifically to shave seconds, reduce drag and take the athlete to new personal bests.

ASSOS SpeedfireChronosuit

It's not just the cut and insert that have undergone meticulous inspection as part of the aerodynamic regime. The Swiss clothing experts headed to the wind-tunnel to optimise the material used on the SpeedfireChronosuit. The result is a low drag material, that creates a cleaner airflow - ultimately making you faster. Raw-cut legs precluding the need for seams, further enhancing aerodynamic prowess, reducing drag and also add comfort to this race ready suit.

ASSOS SpeedfireChronosuit Rear

Not prepared to rest on their laurels, ASSOS have enhanced fit with a bonded elastic zip, a feature that has been added to work better with the rider's position on the bike. A neat finishing touch is the rear radio pocket, which, although perhaps not required for the club time trialist, this addition is a welcome one for ASSOS' sponsored athletes and teams, who demand up to the minute direction and instructions from their directeur sportif.

SS.Mille EVO7 Short Sleeve Jersey

Boasting the same quality and exquisite fit found in its predecessor, the 2017 edition of the SS.Mille EVO7 Short Sleeve Jersey comes in a new stealth Black Series colour, a sleek and eye-catching design and, tantalisingly, a reduced price.

ASSOS Mille Jersey

Mille is ASSOS' more relaxed cut, which has been enhanced by a raglan pattern design and a specially designed, new type 116 custom fabric. This format improves mobility, a fact that has led ASSOS to name this combination a freedomFit.

Attention to detail is an overarching consideration in all ASSOS garments and although this might find itself at the more cost effective end of the Swiss company's range, in no way could you suggest that it has been spared close scrutiny. The ASSOS logo zip pulley exuding quality and the neat reflective security pocket on the rear evidence of a user-led design, every effort has been made to make this one of ASSOS' most complete and comprehensive jerseys ever.

ASSOS Mille Zip

The pockets on the jersey have been reinforced to accommodate all your ride essentials and feature perforated fabrics to enhance breathability. The expertly stitched zip and waist sections improve aesthetics and give the SS.Mille EVO7 its timeless look.

ASSOS Mille Jersey Rear

Versatile, this jersey is ideal to be paired with a set of ASSOS EVO7 Arm Warmers for those chilly spring days or early summer morning rides.

T.mille Bib Short

Complimenting the Mille jersey is the T.mille Bib Short. Now at a lower price, ASSOS have long been the benchmark when it comes to cycling shorts. Their Mille design uses the same, relaxed fit as found in the jersey.

ASSOS Mille Short

This is ASSOS' entry-level comfortFit short, offering a wider, more accommodating cut on the waist, designed for those looking for all day comfort rather than predominantly performance. The mille_S7 insert channels moisture and supports the rider even over the roughest of roads.

ASSOS Mille Seatpad

SS.LaalaLai EVO7 Women's Short Sleeve Jersey

Look past the less than conventional name and the SS.LaalaLai EVO7 Women's Short Sleeve Jersey is a noteworthy addition to the Swiss brand's Campionissimo range that has been designed to bridge the gap between comfort and performance.

ASSOS SS.Laalalai EVO7 Women's Jersey Lifestyle

Light, breathable and ideal for those sweltering summer days, the type.002 material has been paired with type.220 material in key areas to help regulate body temperature. Incorporated into the rear of the jersey, the type.220 material has mono-stretch properties, keeping the jersey in place over the course of your ride.

ASSOS SS.Laalalai EVO7 Women's Jersey Rear

This combination of type.220 and type.002 materials enhance movement and its soft composition makes it comfortable against the skin, allowing you to focus on the road ahead.

ASSOS SS.Laalalai EVO7 Women's Jersey

The jersey has a women's specific cut that contours to the female form whilst taking account of a riding position, making it a comfortable and luxurious piece of bike wear.

From an aesthetic stand point too, this is one cleanly styled jersey, with ASSOS' signature block design giving you that distinctive style out on the bike.

T.LaalaLai EVO7 Women's Bib Short

Built on the sound principle that performance should not come at the cost of comfort, the ASSOS T.LaalaLai EVO7 Women's Bib Short, is the Swiss company's women's specific bib. Cut specifically to provide a contoured women's fit, this short is the first women's bib with the S7 insert. This has been designed to optimise airflow, making this short ideal for all day adventures in the saddle.

ASSOS SS.Laalalai EVO7 Women's Bib Short

Taking design features from their popular non-bib version that was launched last summer, the bib option uses a mono-bib construction to offer even greater comfort. ASSOS' cutting edge type.439 material is slightly compressive, meaning your muscles will thank you on longer rides.

ASSOS SS.Laalalai EVO7 Women's Bib Short Buckle

The innovative magnetic clasp makes taking the shorts on and off a simple task and means taking nature breaks are an easy process. Unlike its predecessor, the S7 uses wider bib straps to improve comfort around the shoulders.

ASSOS SS.Laalalai EVO7 Women's Bib Short Detail

With the addition of elastic to the outside of the legs in order to increase comfort, an enhanced back and bib sections further optimise fit and comfort. Complimented by the SS.LaalaLai EVO7 Women's Short Sleeve Jersey, you can have yourself quite simply, one of the most comfortable and advanced spring/summer kits.