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Experts when it comes to advanced training tools for cyclists and triathletes, Wahoo has entered the world of power meters and rollers to further boost their already highly impressive ecosystem. In this article, we take a look at their advanced single and dual sided POWRLINK ZERO Power Meter Pedals and KICKR ROLLR Smart Bike Roller.

What are Wahoo POWRLINK ZERO Power Meter Pedals?

In 2021 Wahoo redesigned the ingenious Speedplay pedal to offer a range of fantastic features to bring it right up to date when it comes to functionality and durability. Since then they have been working on incorporating a power meter system into these pedals. The result is a system that offers all the performance features we have grown to love with Speedplay pedals but with the technology to allow you to really hone those training sessions and measure those race-winning efforts.

Wahoo POWRLINK ZERO Power Meter Pedals on Shoe

How accurate are the power readings on the Wahoo POWRLINK ZERO Pedals?

Total Power is a feature the dual-sided POWRLINK ZERO Power Meter Pedals boast and works by adding each pedal's power output together to provide readings that are accurate to within 1%. This accuracy can be achieved within a range of temperatures by calibrating to the ambient temperature at the start of your ride. No more time spent re-calibrating, simply clip in and get pedaling.

How often do you need to recharge the pedals?

A combination of a rechargeable battery and a life span of up to 75+ hours makes these pedals ultra-reliable and does away with the need to charge them every week. When battery power starts to run low warnings display clearly on your Wahoo ELEMNT Bike Computer, Wahoo Fitness App and on the LED indicators on the pedal's pod.

Wahoo POWRLINK ZERO Power Meter Pedals In Cleat

What does the Speedplay pedal platform offer?

The innovative Speedplay pedal platform is the basis for the POWRLINK ZERO, offering dual-sided entry to make getting away from the traffic lights a breeze, three-axis adjustability and cleat customisation, to ensure the position of your foot over the spindle is always optimum and sealed bearings to ensure these pedals last the distance, mile after mile.

The Wahoo KICKR ROLLR Smart Bike Roller

The humble bicycle roller has long been a staple piece of equipment for many a cyclist looking to train indoors. The predecessor to the indoor turbo trainer, rollers are ideal for those looking to hone their pedaling technique and leg speed. Bringing this simple design right up to the twenty-first century Wahoo has added their twist and produced the KICKR ROLLR Smart Bike Roller, a system that is sure to revolutionise the way we train indoors.

Wahoo KICKR ROLLR Smart Bike Roller Rear

Why consider a Wahoo KICKR ROLLR Smart Bike Roller?

For many, the traditional bicycle roller is a daunting training device that, although provides a more natural riding feel than a turbo trainer, comes with the often entertaining challenge of having to actively maintain balance to keep the bike on the device. Alongside that resistance cannot be altered, so structured workouts may be harder to follow. This is where Wahoo comes in and picks up where the old style rollers left off by keeping that on road feel but adding controlled resistance and a front stabiliser into the mix to make for a more useable indoor training tool.

Wahoo KICKR ROLLR Smart Bike Roller Tyre Gripper

How does the roller keep you safe?

Incorporated into the Wahoo KICKR ROLLR's design is a safety tyre gripper. This is designed to hold up to a 2.1" (53mm) tyre and to keep your bike upright and secure. This gripper allows you to easily get on and off the bike and offers a stable and confidence-inspiring ride, even when out of the saddle.

As well as fantastic devices to use individually, Wahoo has carefully designed both the KICKR ROLLR and POWRLINK ZERO Power Meter Pedals to work seamlessly with each other for the ultimate pain cave setup.

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