With an emphasis on versatility, the Bolle One Premium Road Helmet offers an alluring array of features including a detachable aerodynamic outer shell and rear LED light. As an intriguing all-in-one package I decided to put the One to the test through commuting, training and even riding a sportive.

The One is designed to be just that; the one and only helmet you need for all seasons and all types of riding. The two detachable vent covers are the most striking and unique feature of the One. They click easily on and off the front and top of the helmet, making the One well suited to winter and spring riding, or if you want an aerodynamic boost.

Bolle One Premium Helmet side


When the temperature starts to rise the two aero panels can be popped off to allow a good amount of airflow through the helmet's 31 vents. The panels are unfortunately too big to fit in a jersey pocket so make sure you decide whether you want the aero advantage before you hit the road.

Also included is a winter lining. This thick cap-like lining does make you look like a ninth-century archer but it does do a great job of covering your ears and head on particularly cold days. Side loops on the lining allows you to feed the helmet straps through to secure the cap inside the helmet. The winter lining is seriously warm, which relegates its use to the times of the year when the temperature floats around 0˚C.

It is definitely clear that Bolle have really thrown all of their design credentials into the One. The sunglasses garage is certainly an area where this extensive design and testing is visible. The two side slots offer a perfect housing for you glasses without the fear of them popping out or inducing any uncomfortable pressure on your temples.

Bolle One Premium Helmet sunglasses garage


One of the marvels of the One Helmet is its uncanny ability to perform and look the part no matter what type of riding you are doing. With the aero vent covers fitted it certainly looks the part and performs admirably when compared to the likes of the Bontrager Ballista or MET’s Manta. With the covers off it cools just as well as any helmet designed for climbing.

The range of safety features also make the One great for commuting. The all-season features suit the year-round all-weather riding that daily commuters will have to suffer through and the detachable rear LED light, with its flashing or full-beam mode, is a welcome safety feature.

Bolle One Premium Helmet light


Having a light on your helmet is always a good idea as the raised height of the light makes it easier for drivers and pedestrians to see you over parked cars, fences and other road furniture that may obscure their view of a frame mounted light.

The only caveat to this light is that it is touch operated and the pressure pad is very sensitive so it is easy to accidentally turn the light on and quickly drain the battery.

Safety features continue inside the One's shell too. The Safety QR code sticker allows you to set up emergency contact information for someone to scan with a smartphone in the event of a crash. When scanned, the QR code will prompt a voice message, which you can set up to tell people what to do if they find you unconscious by the road side.

The helmet has a snug and comfortable fit and you definitely feel protected around the back of your head and around your forehead. The padding does a good job of wicking sweat away from your skin and all of the pads can be removed and washed when they become particularly dirty.

Bolle One Premium Helmet click-to-fit


Bolle's Click-To-Fit system is easy to adjust on the go and does not suffer from the uncomfortable pressure that some retention systems put on the back of your head. The small dial is easy to grip and turn even when wearing thick gloves.


Overall, The Bolle One is a great option for any rider who just wants one helmet for all of their riding needs. Most of us can not afford separate climbing, aero, mountain biking and commuting helmets so finding one that is a consolidation of all of this functionality is refreshing. The One shows you can in fact be a Jack of all trades, master of all.

Bolle One Premium Helmet