Spinning smoothly is the key to happy miles. There’s nothing worse than having a squeaky drivetrain and a dry chain. Team Sky realise that to perform on the world stage you need to treat your bike to the best lubricants. This is where Muc-Off comes in.

A brand synonymous for producing high quality cleaners and lubricants, the team from Dorset went about developing a chain lube that met Team Sky’s demands and as a result, the Muc-Off Team Sky Hydrodynamic Chain Lube was created.

We may not be racing around the world but we are riding in a wide range of weather conditions. I was therefore excited to get our hands on this lube to see how it stood up to a British winter.

Designed to be used in both the dry and wet, the lube uses synthetic polymers to enhance long distance performance.

After degreasing my chain I went about applying the lube. This is a simple task, with the pipette bottle allowing just the right about of lube to be released. Muc-Off have supplied a UV torch, not for carrying out forensics but for checking that each link has had its share of lube.

Although this could be seen as a bit of a gimmick, I found this to be anything but the case. The UV torch meant I could evenly distribute the lube and most importantly not use too much.

Setting off for my first ride and the great British weather was not going to make things easy. Riding in persistent rain, this can often be the end for lubes, as the water simply washes it off from your chain. I was therefore pleasantly surprised that even after two hours of getting soaked the lube remained on the chain and the bike was running smoothly.

Finishing the ride, I surveyed the chain and found it to be dirt free, this was impressive due to the amount of debris on the road. Muc-Off say the Team Sky Hydrodynamic Chain Lube is perfect for cyclocross as well as road riding and based on this wet ride I was in agreement.

Thankfully over the next few weeks I had the chance to ride in both dry and wet conditions. What really distinguishes Muc-Off’s Team Sky Hydrodynamic Chain Lube from the competition is its durability.

The synthetic polymers aren’t marketing mumbo jumbo, they actively work to extend the life of the lube, meaning you do not have to re-apply the lube so often. This ultimately saves you money in the long run.

Both in the dry and wet, changing gear was smooth and silent and the Petroleum free formula is eco-friendly, so you can ride safe in the knowledge you are not harming the planet.

Unlike other lubricants that are made for wet conditions, the Hydrodynamic Chain Lube does not leave your chain in a messy state. This means when the time comes to clean your bike, a degreaser, such as the Muc-Off Biodegradable De-Greaser, will make light work of cleaning the remainder of the lube off, ready for you to apply a fresh new layer.


Any product Team Sky put their name to has to live up to the team’s exacting standards. Muc-Off have definitely delivered with their Hydrodynamic Chain Lube. It did everything I asked of it, in the dry and the wet. Keeping my chain running smoothly, this long lasting lube definitely ticked all the boxes for me and the inclusion of a UV Torch is the perfect finishing touch.