The base layer, as the term suggests, forms the first contact point with the skin and is therefore one of the most important pieces of kit in any cyclist’s wardrobe. Moisture wicking technology carries sweat away from the body, whilst the hybrid design of natural & technical fabric designs keep you warm and comfortable in the harshest of winter conditions. Typically worn underneath the bibs, it’s important to ensure the cycling base layer is close fitting. Loose fitting garments can become uncomfortable when worn under a bib short/tight and the bunching of fabric can restrict the base layer from performing its most important function of transferring moisture away from the skin.

Our featured base layer, the Castelli Procaccini, uses a hybrid of man made and natural fabric for optimal performance in the toughest of conditions. Available in both a long sleeve and a short sleeve option, this base layer can be a great year round asset to your cycling wardrobe. 



In the winter months a long sleeve jersey is an essential piece of cycling kit, typically worn as the second layer, in between and outer “shell” and a base layer. The key function for any long sleeve cycling jersey is providing warmth and protection from the wind whilst helping to transfer moisture away from the skin and base layer underneath to keep you dry when the pace heats up.

The Castelli Puro jersey (pictured) is an ideal garment for those cool winter mornings, or as part of a layering system when worn underneath a jacket. The main body is made from insulating fabric, keeping your core warm, whilst the sleeves and side panels feature Warmer X-Stretch fabric that sits tight to skin and stops any excess material flapping around in the wind. Advances in fabric technology have also seen a rise in the number of manufacturers looking to produce cycling jerseys that offer a combination of an outer waterproof layer into the fit and comfort of a long sleeve jersey - the Castelli Perfetto offers exactly that. An outstanding piece of design, this jacket protects the rider from rain, whilst also providing warmth through excellent wind proofing. The close fit and cut of the jersey make it aerodynamic enough for racing whilst comfortable enough for sportives and training rides.



Jackets are the first line of protection against the harsh conditions of winter and therefore need to be robust enough to cope with wind, rain, sleet or even snow! Winter cycling jackets typically offer two core functions, warmth and/or water resistance. For those looking for a flexible winter kit combination to see them through the chilly autumn months and on to spring, lighter jackets such as the Castelli Riparo featured offer the perfect solution. Fully wind and waterproof, the Riparo has a 2.5 Layer Torrent IV fabric construction with a polyurethane membrane for breathability. The 2.5 layer fabric features a durable woven outer shell with a waterproof polyurethane membrane rated at 10,000 MVTR, ensuring protection against any unwanted sudden downpours. Fully sealed seams maintain waterproofness while the drop tail prevents road spray from soaking your bib shorts.

Combining a breathable rain jacket with a warm winter jersey offers a flexible solution that will keep you warm and dry even in the toughest of conditions. If you’re going to be venturing out when the temperature drops below 5-8 degrees, investing in a dedicated winter jacket will make a real difference to your comfort on those longer rides. Look for a heavier jacket that has plenty of insulation and heavy wind blocking materials to keep the cool air away from your core.  A jacket like the Castelli Espresso is perfect in temperature ranges from 0-12 degrees,  whilst choosing a lighter or heavier base layer underneath will make sure you stay comfortable in changeable conditions.