Preparing, planning and training for your triathlon, you’re going to have to get a handle on how to gear up in order to perform. With the wetsuit perhaps the trickiest beast to get sorted, we thought we’d help you with a short video guide, and make sure that you make a splash on your swim.

Now, with wetsuits offering impressive protection from the icy depths, you'd be forgiven for thinking they're fortified, armour-like layers that are more than tough enough to deal with a little wrangling. What you might find though is that getting it right when it comes to fitting your wetsuit takes a little more care. With that in mind, before you plough ahead, let us show you how to get the perfect fit, every single time you need to wetsuit up.




So, now you've got the know-how, why not take a look at our range of wetsuits, ideal for the early stage enthusiast right up to the elite athlete.