Our Top Five Wetsuits

For Wild Swimming

Break free from the confines of ropes and walls this season. There are few ways to get closer to nature than wild swimming. Liberating, exciting and free, it’s no surprise more and more people are leaving pools behind and venturing deeper into the wild.

Beyond The Pool

It’s this sense of total freedom coupled with the lack of chemicals that unites competitive athletes, leisure swimmers and thrill-seekers. Simply defined as swimming in anything that isn’t man-made, wild swimming spots include rivers, lochs, lakes, seas, reservoirs and more. You can take to the water on your own or as a group, however, it remains safest to swim with at least one other person.

With next to no barriers to entry, wild swimming is something we can all enjoy. Providing you have the skill and confidence to swim without being able to touch the bottom, this enriching sport is something everyone should try.

Choosing Your Wetsuit

While visions of plunging into warm, crystal clear water certainly sound appealing, it is often not the case, especially here in the UK. As such, we would suggest you invest in a wetsuit to get the most out of your adventures. If you’re new to the sport, this may feel like a minefield, with so many offerings out there, each promoting their own unique features and benefits.

To ensure you end up with the best wetsuit for your needs, we have taken a closer look at our top five picks for wild swimming. It is important to note, all the below wetsuits are available in both men and women's options. 

It is important to note, all the below wetsuits are available in both men and women's options.

Orca Openwater Safety Wetsuit

Featuring high-vis detailing on both arms and legs, the Openwater Safety wetsuit does exactly as its name suggests, keeping you safe and visible in open water. With its integrated connector, this suit can also incorporate a Restube buoy (purchased separately), perfect for resting in deeper waters.

Finished with an Emerid Device on the sleeve, you can swim confidently with the knowledge any passerby with a smartphone can scan your suit to obtain emergency contact information in the event of a problem. This intuitive technology also allows you to set your expected swim time, automatically sending out a warning to your contact should you exceed this time.


Orca TRN Openwater Wetsuit

Providing high performance at a fantastic price point, this suit is packed with features usually reserved for an upper mid-range model. The lower half is constructed from 4mm Smoothskin neoprene to help lift you into an optimum swim position, while a 2mm Yamamoto neoprene is used around the shoulders and arms.

This thinner material is much more flexible, ensuring a natural swim stroke and enhanced performance in the water. Finished with hidden seams manufactured using Yamamoto neoprene to ensure durability and comfort, the TRN wetsuit is a great choice for those looking to start in open water.

2XU P:1 Propel Wetsuit

Boosting comfort, performance and technique, this technically advanced suit makes a great choice for those keeping a close eye on the stopwatch. Combining 39 Cell neoprene with an integrated rollbar, both buoyancy and body positioning are optimised, while the internal stretch lining promotes free movement.

Finished with a Super Composite Skin Coating, this wetsuit is tailored to cut through the water with minimal resistance, greatly increasing your distance per stroke.

Zone 3 Advance Wetsuit

A popular choice with adventurers, not just for its performance, but it's environmentally conscious construction too. Constructed from repurposed scrap rubber tyres, energy consumption and CO2 emissions are reduced by up to 200g per suit.

Despite an eco-friendly design, performance is certainly not compromised; comfort, technique and buoyancy are all taken care of by the laser cut Flo fabric construction, while yellow details ensure you’re visible in the water. A fantastic choice for the environmentally friendly swimmer looking for incredible value for money.

HUUB Axiom Openwater Wetsuit

Designed specifically for the demands of open water swimming, HUUB’s latest offering is packed with features tailored to enhance your wild swim experience. Described as the ultimate entry-level suit, the Axiom provides excellent hydrodynamics and buoyancy through its smooth skin neoprene finish, ideal for those looking to improve their performance.

Comfort is another key feature, built for long days in the water, a low neckline improves breathing while flexible underarm panels ensure free movement.

We hope this article has not only helped you choose a suitable wetsuit for your needs, but also provided you with a greater understanding of wild swimming and its benefits. Get out and explore your local swim spots this summer!

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