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A Closer Look at the Specialized S-Works Range


Author: Will Blackmore

Specialized are one of the biggest and best names in the cycling world, and having consistently produced bikes coveted by the pro-peloton and weekend rider alike, it's a title they've earned. With their latest offerings now unleashed from the stable, we can safely say that there's little lacking in depth from the most hotly anticipated selection of road bikes this year.

With their new range now in store and online, we thought it best to give you a run through of the sharp end of their range, so you can be sure to tick them off in your spotters book when out on the road...

Specialized S-Works Range

What are S-Works bikes made of?

For those familiar with Specialized, you'll know the S-Works collection marks the epitome of Specialized's design and technical processes. These bikes, simply put, are the supercars of cycling, the space rockets of spinning, and, they don't half look the part.

Never being limited by what’s on offer and daring to reach beyond the norm, Specialized’s latest stock of S-Works bikes are constructed from their specially devised FACT carbon fibre. With the acronym cutting short the mouthful that is the phrase Functional Advanced Composite Technology, this high-grade carbon fibre material ensures a focused and holistic approach to synthetic manufacture, taking in the highest quality materials and ensuring they’re dealt with using the most advanced machinery possible.

S-Works Venge ViAS

S-Works Venge Vias

Leading the pack of the S-Works range, and quite probably the pro-peloton this year, is the Specialized S-Works Venge ViAS. A sleek, sloping frame, optimised millimetre by millimetre, this road machine is the fastest, most efficient bike ever to be designated within the elite S-Works range. The Venge maintains smooth, aerodynamic lines, mercurial design, and can, in its disc brake iteration, offer improved stopping distances.

Designed to keep you hidden from the wind, the Venge ViAS range comes equipped with a wealth of components. From the coveted Shimano Dura-Ace 9000, through to the illustrious wireless shifting of SRAM Red eTap, there's something for every keen rider with the Venge.

Discover the Specialized S-Works Venge ViAS range HERE

S-Works Tarmac


The Specialized S-Works Tarmac is part of the comforting performance line - if you like going fast and feeling each twitch, then this geometry will make sure that looking at your results is always a surprisingly pleasant experience. With aggressive angling pitching you further forward and perching you in that optimum position, this is a responsive, well thought out frame, made from the latest and most advanced FACT 11r carbon fibre.

Equipped at the higher end with SRAM Red eTap, this frame, when kitted out, is perhaps one of the cleanest looking bikes out there. If you've a keen eye for a clean line, this is certainly one to consider.

Discover the Specialized S-Works Tarmac range HERE

S-Works Roubaix

Specialized S-Works Roubaix

In close pursuit and still fitted with SRAM Red eTap is the top of the range Specialized S-Works Roubaix eTap Road Bike 2017. Making good use of wireless shifting and still providing the rider with disc brake level stopping, the headlining Roubaix tackles performance through comfort.

Offering the rider a degree of 'suspension' through the Future Shock handlebar system, the standard geometry of the Roubaix S-Works frame means that stiffness and rigidity are maintained, whilst bumps and rough patches are ironed out by means of clever cushioning. Comfortable and reliably fast, the S-Works Roubaix makes easy work of terrain guzzling for the cyclist scoping out a longer route and wanting a ride smoother than a Motown vinyl. 

Discover the Specialized S-Works Roubaix range HERE

S-Works Amira

Specialized S-Works Amira

The Specialized S-Works Amira provides a responsive and intuitive platform for the rider who wants to hit blistering top speeds and remain comfortable whilst doing so. Described as "the most fun you've ever had on a bike", the S-Works Amira uses Specialized FACT 11r carbon fibre and comes at the higher end of the spectrum, equipped with top of the range componentry, such as SRAM Red eTap or Ultegra Di2. With responsiveness in spades and a connected, direct feel, this is the bike of choice for the Women’s World Tour Teams due to its feel and poise. Sat astride this speed machine, you're ready to put down a PB each time you turn the pedals.

Discover the Specialized S-Works Amira Women's range HERE

S-Works Ruby

Specialized S-Works Ruby

Performance cycling though isn't just about men, and S-Works doesn't neglect to cater for women looking to exceed their personal bests. For the fleet-footed, smooth styled woman, the Specialized S-Works Ruby is a road bike to rival the best, and certainly to be coveted by the rest. Putting the rider in that comfortable, smooth position to cover a long distance at a high pace, without feeling the effort the next day. With a geometry designed to specifically optimise on bike performance for women, this bike is ideal for that long and fast day on the road, where comfort is key to getting to the end.

Available in the latest SRAM Red eTap as well as the Ultegra Di2 componentry, this bike makes use of the same Future Shock 'suspension' as the men's Roubaix, affording you a more padded ride in the hoods, a fact appreciated when tackling the rougher road surfaces.

Discover the Specialized S-Works Ruby range HERE

Roval CLX 50 Wheels

Roval CLX 50 wheels

Not all the world is off the peg though - mixing and matching is part of the joy. To this end, we thought we'd dedicate some lines to the biggest revelations in the art of rotation - the new Roval CLX 50 Carbon Wheels.

With the Roval outfit having already targeted the lightest with their outstanding CLX 34s, and having also developed their most aerodynamic wheel in the CLX 64s, these die hard innovators surveyed their creations and set out to make a Goldilocks wheelset. Sitting perfectly between the two, the CLX 50’s provide a fantastic balance between lightweight responsiveness and deep rimmed ease of rolling, as refined in the wind tunnel.

Set to grace Peter Sagan's bike on the road to glory, the CLX 50s are available in both disc brake and rim brake models. Both sets are clincher wheels as standard, but, are equally compatible with tubeless tyres. Matched up with your S-Works frame and fresh to roll, these wheels are sure to have you riding farther, faster and longer than ever before.

Discover the Roval CLX 50 range HERE

S-Works Tyres

Specialized S-Works Cotton Tyres

Equally bike centric, and, too often overlooked, the all essential tyre doesn't escape the scrutiny of the S-Works designers. No indeed - just as Usain Bolt doesn’t wear flip-flops, skimping on your only points of contact with the road is a cardinal sin, and one that the Specialized S-Works Turbo Cotton Clincher Tyre swiftly deals with.

Possessing an almost implausibly light 320tpi rating, the Turbo Cotton Clincher Tyre makes sure that effective rolling resistances are reduced beyond any levels previously set by Specialized tyres.

Foldable and with a Gripton rubber compound reinforced by a BlackBelt flat protection buffer, these cotton tyres are the super light race snakes that roll at peak performance the moment they’re mounted, and as soon as you need them to do the business.

Shop the Specialized S-Works Turbo Cotton Clincher Tyre HERE

S-Works Helmets

Specialized S-Works Evade Helmet

Since the dawn of aero bikes, skin suits and TT bars, the importance of reducing drag hasn’t been overlooked for a second in the S-Works range;  Specialized know that the second they neglect will cost them another ten on the road. With rigorous aerodynamic testing applied to their helmets though, Specialized have created what is quite possibly a category winner in the Specialized S-Works Evade Torch Edition Road Helmet.

Featuring a balance of ventilation and aerodynamics, this wind tunnel designed helmet works to channel air effectively in order to keep your head cool, and to reduce turbulent flow when at speed. Designed in conjunction with Mclaren, this helmet has already claimed a Giro and Tour title apiece.

Its neatest trick though? Well, the specially made Torch Edition boasts not one paint job but two - when exposed to temperatures over 22 degrees, this burning Orange reacts with the heat to realign itself with the warm yellow glow of the sun.

Browse the range of Specialized S-Works Road Helmets HERE  

S-Works Shoes

Specialized S-Works Sub6 Road Shoes

Now, as you might have gathered, the S-Works project certainly extends beyond the bike in order to provide improvements. That point of critical interface between bike and bike-rider though is one that Specialized have targeted especially. As one of the inevitably protruding, and constantly moving parts of your bike, your feet and their housing is critical not only in regards to how much power you put down, but the ease in which you can spin them around.

Created to deal with the peculiarly complicated dynamics of the road shoe in use, the Specialized S-Works Sub6 Road Shoes make use of the highest quality carbon soles to reduce weight to a mere 194 grams per shoe whilst ensuring that your transfer of power remains direct and connected.

The innovation though comes in the shipping of the shoe with its very own Warp Shoe Sleeve. This seemingly small addition does an impressive job of cleaning the lines around your laces, whilst also ensuring that you won’t be riding with a spaghetti trail in your drive train, which, is always appreciated. Garnering those tenths and hundredths, small touches like this can make for minutes over a grand tour, and that’s the level these shoes are used at.

Browse the range of Specialized S-Works shoes HERE

S-Works Saddles


Meanwhile, the world of S-Works doesn’t forget that performance is personal, and, it’s hard to think of a component more particular to a rider than their saddle. Offering two shapes and styles in the form of the Specialized S-Works Power and the Specialized S-Works Romin Evo, they cater for both the all out TT rider and the hill climb champ.

Top of the list and performance spec sheet, the Power saddle is constructed from FACT carbon fibre and offers men and women alike the right shape to promote a decent blood flow. A central cutout makes sure that you’re never putting pressure on parts that...don’t like pressure. Weighing in at just 159 grams, this saddle is designed for elite road use, and is set up for super fast, super aggressive positions. Like hammering it in the drops? This saddle might well be your new favourite fit.

Looking to put the power down over the course of a long ride? Then the more relaxed, but equally fast Romin Evo is perhaps where you might find your match. Spec’d up for use in the peloton, this saddle weighs 134 grams, and positions you perfectly so as to apply pressure on the pedals without putting any on your particulars.

Browse the range of Specialized S-Works Saddles HERE


So, with the refreshed range now present in your mind, why not ponder the collection close up? With such a comprehensive range, there’s sure to be something to spark your interest, and maybe to spur you on up that next hairpin...

About the Author

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  • Height: 180cm
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  • About Will Blackmore: Randonneuring, touring, or simply being in the saddle, Will enjoys nothing more than getting up early and tackling hill climbs before breakfast.

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