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The Specialized S-Works Range

A Closer Look

Specialized is one of the biggest and best names in the cycling world. By consistently producing bikes and cycling products coveted by the pro-peloton and weekend rider alike, it's a title they've earned. The S-Works badge is reserved for only their top products, engineered and designed to meet the needs of professional riders. With their latest offerings now in store and online, we can safely say that there's little lacking in depth from the S-Works range of hotly anticipated Road Bikes, Mountain Bikes, Tyres, Helmets and Shoes.

What Are Specialized S-Works Bikes Made Of?

For those familiar with Specialized, you'll know the S-Works collection marks the epitome of Specialized's design and technical processes. The S-Works road bikes can be likened to the supercars of cycling, with an option for every style of riding.

Never limited by what’s on offer and daring to go further, Specialized’s latest stock of S-Works bikes are constructed from their highest grades of specially devised FACT carbon fibre. "Functional Advanced Composite Technology" is a comprehensive engineering process that utilises the optimum carbon fibres, resins, and weaves for each bicycle frame, delivering performance boosting results, every time.

S-Works Venge

Hailed as a ‘step-change’ in aero road bike design, the latest S-Works Venge is 8 seconds faster than its predecessor, the Venge ViAS, in a 40km wind tunnel test. But it’s in the real world that the S-Works Venge really excels. Specialized have stripped back any superfluous material to create an aero road bike that weighs just 7.1kg. So while the frame is optimised for aerodynamics, it’s light enough to climb with the best of them and stiff enough sprint for the line. In fact, this bike is a sprinter’s dream, surging to Grand Tour stage victories under Elia Viviani, Sam Bennett and Peter Sagan in 2018, to name but a few.

S-Works Tarmac

The S-Works Tarmac is Specialized's out-and-out race weapon. If you like going fast, climbing hard, and feeling each and every twitch, then this is the bike for you. With aggressive angling pitching you further forward and perching you in that optimum position, this is a stiff, responsive, well-thought-out frame, made from the latest and most advanced FACT 12r carbon fibre.

Equipped at the higher end with Shimano Dura-Ace, this frame, when kitted out, is perhaps one of the cleanest looking bikes out there. If you have a keen eye for a clean line, this is certainly one to consider.

S-Works Roubaix

A cobble crusher, named after the famous cycling monument, Paris Roubaix, the S-Works Roubaix combines a premium carbon fibre frame with state of the art design innovations to ensure comfort is never compromised. Offering the rider a degree of 'suspension' through the Future Shock handlebar system, the FACT 11r carbon frame means that stiffness and rigidity are maintained, whilst bumps and rough patches are ironed out by means of clever cushioning. Comfortable and reliably fast, the S-Works Roubaix makes easy work of any terrain, ideal for the cyclist scoping out a longer route and wanting a ride smoother than a Motown vinyl.

S-Works Diverge

The S-Works Diverge is Specialized's top-of-the-line gravel bike, designed to ride any trail and know no boundaries to its adventures.

The Future Shock suspension system provides a cushioning 20mm of travel at the front, while the dropper seatpost means that you can tackle the gnarliest trail without fear. The bike's lightweight frame, constructed from Fact 11r carbon, helps keep the bike featherlight and - in combination with the thru-axles - presents a super-stiff platform for your efforts.

If you want to tackle the trail less travelled - and have fun whilst doing it - then the S-Works Diverge may well be the bike for you.

S-Works Epic

Why do Specialized claim the S-Works Epic is the fastest XC mountain bike in the world? Well, quite simply, because it is. With more World Championship titles, Olympic medals, and Cape Epic wins than any other bike out there, Specialized has created the benchmark for cross country mountain bikes. Both hardtail and dual suspension options benefit from a FACT 12m carbon fibre layup for lightweight and nimble handling that can soar up short sharp climbs and power back down on the flipside.

S-Works Enduro

With two wheel-size options, Specialized created the S-Works Enduro to cater for any downhill mountain biker with the need for speed. Enjoy the raw, trail-levelling speed of a 29”, or conquer the more technical, twisting trails on a 27.5” wheel if preferred. Both frameset versions boast a FACT IS-X 11m carbon fibre construction for strength and rigidity, while the fork boasts ample size-specific travel to help you float over hostile terrain.

This bike masters the steepest downhill sections, but at the same time, it’s light enough to get you back up to the top to enjoy the descent all over again.

S-Works Stumpjumper

With a long heritage in the sport, the Stumpjumper has been given the S-Works treatment to bring out the very best in an already incredible mountain bike. This is the choice of riders who like to really feel the trail, have fun in the park, or mix up Downhill and XC disciplines.

The FACT 11m carbon fibre is laid out in Specialized’s modern Trail Geometry, with two wheel-size variations, 29” and 27.5”. It’s a do it all mountain bike that turns heads and put smiles on faces.

S-Works Tyres

The humble tyre doesn't escape the scrutiny of the S-Works engineers. Just as Usain Bolt doesn’t wear flip-flops, skimping on your only points of contact with the road is a cardinal sin, and one that the Specialized S-Works Turbo Cotton Clincher Tyre swiftly deals with.

Possessing an almost implausibly light 320tpi (Threads Per Inch) rating, the Turbo Cotton Clincher Tyre makes sure that effective rolling resistances are reduced beyond any levels previously set by Specialized tyres. They’re race-ready, featuring a Gripton rubber compound reinforced by a BlackBelt flat protection buffer.

S-Works Helmets

Specialized know if they neglect aerodynamics for one second, it will cost them another ten on the road. With rigorous aerodynamic testing applied to their helmets though, Specialized have created another category winner in the Specialized S-Works Evade II Helmet. An integrated ANGi sensor adds an additional element of safety, allowing you to set up an automated alert in the event of an emergency.

Featuring a balance of ventilation and aerodynamics, this wind tunnel designed helmet works to channel air effectively in order to keep your head cool, and to reduce turbulent flow when at speed. Designed in conjunction with Mclaren, this helmet has already claimed a Giro and Tour title apiece.

S-Works Shoes

Out of all your contact points with the bike, your feet are undoubtedly the most crucial when it comes to transmitting your efforts to the tarmac, and translating your power into speed.

With a sole featuring a FACT Powerline carbon plate, the Specialized S-Works 7 Road Shoes transfers your power through the pedals at an almost lossless rate, reducing the weight of the shoes to just 454 grams a pair. The revised Boa dials ensure your feet stay planted in the shoes and a PadLock heel construction ankers your foot for an extra secure fit. Garnering those tenths and hundredths, small touches like this can make for minutes over a Grand Tour.

S-Works Saddles

Performance is personal, and it’s hard to think of a component more particular to a rider than their saddle. The S-Works Power saddle has a central cutout to support better blood flow, supporting an aggressive riding position while weighing in at just 159 grams thanks to its FACT carbon fibre construction.

The S-Works Romin Evo, meanwhile, has a slightly more relaxed position for prolonged comfort and tips the scales at a mere 134 grams. These professional grade perches come in a range of options, with a women’s specific S-Works Power Mimic delivering additional comfort to the female rider.

S-Works Finishing Kit

The S-Works obsession continues into Specialized’s range of finishing kit components, with handlebars, stems and seatposts all receiving the same keen attention to detail. With a fully decked out S-Works road bike or mountain bike, you can be sure you’re riding pure innovation, crafted with the highest attention to detail.

Never resting on their laurels, you can be sure Specialized are at the cutting edge of cycling technology with the latest S-Works range bringing new levels of performance and comfort to professionals and enthusiasts alike.

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