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Wahoo's exceptional indoor training ecosystem has grown with the addition of the KICKR MOVE Smart Trainer and KICKR BIKE SHIFT Indoor Bike. In this article, we will take a closer look at both training tools to see how they differ from the KICKR Smart Trainer with Wi-Fi and the KICKR BIKE with Wi-Fi.

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Wahoo KICKR MOVE Smart Trainer

Wahoo KICKR MOVE Smart Trainer

The Wahoo KICKR MOVE Smart Trainer is a giant leap from the KICKR with Wi-Fi, offering an additional eight inches of fore and aft movement. This has been added to the trainer body to provide a natural ride feel like no other indoor trainer can offer. This built-in, dual-axis movement creates a remarkably natural sensation and releases your bike to move beneath the rider, just as it does outside on the road.

Staying in the saddle, the bike will only move a little with your body weight, mirroring the rhythm of your pedaling but get out of your saddle and the amazing range of movement becomes obvious. The KICKR MOVE sits on wheels that are within a fixed, curved track. The curve allows gravity to control the amount of movement. A lockout switch to disengage the movement, making getting on and off easier is also included. It all results in a far more comfortable, more engaging and realistic riding experience.

Wahoo KICKR MOVE Indoor Smart Trainer

Other than the motion element, the KICKR MOVE shares much of the same technology found on the popular KICKR with Wi-Fi. That includes 2,200 watts of max resistance and an accuracy of +/- 1%. The other good piece of news is the MOVE is compatible with Wahoo's fantastic KICKR HEADWIND Fan and the KICKR CLIMB Grade Simulator. With the KICKR CLIMB Base Adapter (sold separately), you can use the MOVE alongside the CLIMB to replicate a 20% incline or -10% descent.

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Out of the box thinking

To get you and your new trainer from boxed to riding as fast as possible Wahoo is introducing a brand new unboxing experience. An easy slide mechanism on the KICKR MOVE box allows easy transportation without having to lift a heavy trainer in its box. There is a 90% reduction in non-recyclable foam. Finally, a QR code will take you to a quick and easy digital guide to set up, with videos from Wahoo guiding you through the process.



The Wahoo KICKR BIKE SHIFT brings the incredible ride feel of the original KICKR BIKE with Wi-Fi in an efficient design and at a more accessible price point. All the key features for effective training and adaptability are maintained.

Reality Shift technology allows for virtual shifting and custom gearing. This allows you to match the gear ratios of your outdoor bike as well as replicate the ratios on offer from Shimano, SRAM and Campagnolo. True Fit is Wahoo’s 5-point adjustment system, guided by their intuitive app, that allows you to easily adjust your KICKR SHIFT BIKE to match your outdoor bike or experiment with different positions. ERG Easy Ramp means, that if you need to stop for any reason, your effort can be rejoined gradually without a lungbusting effort to get back to your power numbers.


In addition, the KICKR BIKE SHIFT features Real-Time Response. This is a belt and brake drivetrain system designed to give near-instantaneous response to grade and power changes.

The KICKR BIKE SHIFT offers an electromagnetic brake, 2,200 watts max power output, can accommodate rider weights of up to 113kg and is accurate to +/- 1%. Compatible with a wide range of other Wahoo devices including the KICKR HEADWIND Fan and TICKR Heart Rate Monitors this is a brilliant tool for taking your indoor cycling to the next level.

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It has been proven that structured training is the best possible way of getting you faster. Unlike the pros, we don’t have year-round access to the long and empty roads of Tenerife and so the best training we can do to get faster is on a turbo trainer. The KICKR BIKE SHIFT brings a fully adjustable bike set-up to the masses, it’s easy adjustment and set-up means you can ride it any time, and anyone can use it without the faff of set-up.

If your turbo trainer is an engaging environment that mirrors the road experience in every way possible, you will use it more! Wahoo have made it their absolute mission to bring the road to you, to make you the best athlete you can be. With the KICKR MOVE a giant leap has been made to make sure you keep coming back to your trainer, because riding it is pure fun.

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