The Specialized Torch Collection

Specialized have been in the labs knocking up a rather special collection of limited edition road and mountain bike frames, clothing and accessories that you may have spotted Specialized's elite athletes using this summer.

The Specialized Torch collection is available from only a select few retailers in the UK and Sigma Sports have the honour of hosting this extraordinary range of colour changing framesets and eye-catching accessories. There’s an entire array of items just waiting for budding athletes, available in-store today.

The Heat is On

It’s fair to say that Specialized know a thing or two about designing professional racing machines. UCI World Champion Lizzie Armitstead’s steed of choice is a Specialized Amira, whilst Peter Sagan rode in the mens cross-country finals this weekend on a Torch Edition S-Works Epic FSR.

The California-based brand have gone a step above and beyond in capturing the spirit of the Big Event. When the ambient temperature reaches above 22ºc the vivid reddish-orange paint of the Specialzed Torch framesets will begin to transform into a luminous yellow, leaving unaware fellow riders thoroughly confused. The S-Works Amira, S-Works Tarmac and S-Works Epic FSR can all be snapped up in this brilliant colour-shifting paint, as can the S-Works Evade helmet.

There’s a host of other kit available in these incandescent colours, too. With the Torch edition of the S-Works 6 shoes and SL Pro Jersey among many other accessories also available, there’s plenty of variety. Unfortunately only the new road and mountain bike framesets and Evade helmet have the ability to change colour, but the essence of the flame is still very much present throughout.

The full Specialized Torch range is only available in incredibly limited stock numbers. Visit us in-store today to test out the collection, or contact us today for availability.