Eastcastle St, London

A central London location, tucked away from the busyness of Oxford Street and Soho, Kaffeine is a coffee shop that specialises in delicious espressos, sumptuous breakfasts and a fine array of baked goods.

Kaffeine Riders with Coffee

Nestled just a stone's throw from Oxford Circus Underground Station and a three minute walk from its sister shop on Great Titchfield Street, Kaffeine is the ideal stop off for those looking to head over to Regents Park for a few pre-work laps or out towards Surrey. The beauty of Kaffeine is its central location, making it perfect for meeting for group rides or simply catching up midway through the working day.

Kaffeine Exterior

You only need to step into Kaffeine or take a browse of their Instagram channel to realise these guys take immense pride in what they do and that is reflected in the carefully constructed menu, rich and informative content they create and ambient environment that greets you as you enter to a friendly and warm welcome.

Want to know more about Kaffeine? Go check them out here.

Kaffeine Interior

For our second entry in our Soigneur guide, friend of Sigma Sports, Albany and her partner Sean, took a spin out to Kaffeine and combined it into their weekend ride plans.

Here's what they had to say:

"I love it because it feels like a really cute, quiet, little pocket of London. In the middle of Fitzrovia. Where you can escape the crazy chaos of the city. It's one of the top places in London for coffee and the food is unique and special too. The raspberry and coconut slice is my go to weekend treat." - Albany

"It's like a little family when you walk into Kaffeine. Lovely people, amazing service, and unrivaled coffee. Every single time." - Sean

For this brisk day in February Albany wore Universal Colours clothing, a Pas Normal Studios helmet, Oakley sunglasses and Specialized shoes. Albany rode a Specialized Tarmac Road Bike.

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How to find Kaffeine - Eastcastle Street

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