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ASSOS EQUIPE RS Clothing Range

First Look

ASSOS EQUIPE RS forms part of the Swiss cycle clothing brand's Racing Series. Renowned for their premium quality, ASSOS continually invest in R&D and the top-of-the-line RS range is the culmination of this research. The pro-race proven designs focus on ultralight, supremely comfortable fabrics and an aerodynamic cut - they're made to be ridden hard and fast. Here we take a look at the latest pieces in the series.

ASSOS Equipe RS Spring Fall Aero Short Sleeve Jersey

At the beginning and end of the race season when a summer jersey just won't cut it, is when the ASSOS EQUIPE RS Spring Fall Aero Short Sleeve Jersey really excels. The twinDeck, double-layer construction combines breathable Push Pull material with lightly insulated, moisture-wicking Tibet fabric, and the raw cut SONIC textile sleeves complete the drag-reducing profile. The rear hem holds the jersey secure; it's ribbed and elasticated so there'll be no movement or riding up.

The latest innovation and a key feature, is valveTec diffuser moisture control, essentially a 'valve' on the front of each shoulder to draw in cool air. The feature is ideal during a race, when you need some extra ventilation but don't want to unzip and compromise a tucked, aero position. This jersey is finished off with a zipper that facilitates one-handed use, and Assos' Triple Ramp, lidded pockets.

ASSOS EQUIPE RS Spring Fall Aero Gilet

There's nothing superfluous about the ASSOS EQUIPE RS Spring Fall Aero Gilet, and it truly represents the term ‘less is more’. Despite its understated aesthetics, this gilet does everything it's designed to do. It's tuned for racing, that being those full gas efforts in potentially changeable weather, and has been stripped down for aerodynamics, minimal weight and seamless integration with arm warmers.

2XS and Push Pull are the chosen fabrics. The first, used on the front panel, is windproof and highly breathable, creating a barrier to freezing winds and road spray, with a brushed inner that locks in heat. Push Pull is more elastic and offers properties that make it ideal for the rear panel, namely UV protection, breathability and quick drying. Tight and compressive, the aeroFit is cut perfectly for an aggressive racing position.

ASSOS EQUIPE RS Spring Fall Jacket

Similar in appearance to the ASSOS EQUIPE RS Spring Fall Aero Short Sleeve Jersey, the EQUIPE RS Spring Fall Jacket is better suited to even colder rides. Combining a Push Pull outer with Rhombus panels to the front, cold air is blocked and pockets of insulation are created between the layers, on your core exactly where you need them. The second-skin fit of SONIC fabric on the sleeves will keep drag to a minimum.

Dual diffusor 'valves' are again used on the shoulders, bringing in air and eliminating the need for you to unzip until things really start to heat up. Because of the raw cut edge to the cuffs, the sleeves will integrate seamlessly with gloves without compromising the sleek profile that the ASSOS aeroFit brings.

ASSOS Equipe RS EVO Rain Jacket

The original ASSOS EQUIPE RS Schlosshund Jacket redefined the idea of a rain shell, and the Equipe RS EVO builds on this. All the best features have been retained; the racingFit feels like a second skin, and the Schloss Tex softshell construction is protective yet breathable. It's had a DWR treatment and the seams are taped, adding another barrier to the rain and minimising friction at the neck and wrists. The handy pocket slots allow access to essentials stored in your jersey underneath.

There have been some small but significant updates too. This jacket is now available in a fluoro yellow colourway for improved low light visibility, and the zipper is glove-friendly with a double-slider design, meaning you can choose whether to add ventilation from the top or bottom. An innovative new feature is a waterBlock hem. It combines internal silicone dots with a laminated silicone exterior that sheds water. When things start to brighten up, this jacket will easily pack down into a jersey pocket until it's next required.

ASSOS Equipe RS Spring Fall S9 Bib Short

If you're starting to feel the sting of cold air on your thighs, it's time to ditch the summer bibs and pull on the Equipe RS Spring Fall S9 Bib Short. You may not be ready for warmers, but this short adds some additional protection for the muscles. The inner of the Osmos Heavy fabric is brushed for comfort, while asymmetrical stretch provides support where required and freedom of movement elsewhere. A-Lock engineering is a key design feature, stabilising not only the insert but the whole short, through the toughest racing conditions.

Taking into consideration where the wind hits hardest, Assos have added Sphere Ultra to the crotch panel. It's windproof, waterproof and breathable - insulating without feeling bulky. An RS EQUIPE insert uses superAir microShock foam, and 3D waffle for the top layer. It will move with you while you pedal, yet is stabilised at the rear so any shifting when you're out of the saddle is eliminated. The Carbon Xbib offers a unique design up top. An A-frame is created by the material, so there's limited vertical stretch to the rear. Above the 'X' junction more flexible fabric is employed that's antibacterial, wicks moisture and will lie flat under your jersey. Silicone on the hem will grip well to skin, as well as warmers when the time comes.

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  • Article Published On: 14 November 2019
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