15th November 2013

Parlee ESX Aero Bike Launch

Sigma Sports were delighted to host the founder of Parlee Cycles, Bob Parlee and key members of his team as Parlee announced the lastest addition to their stable- the Parlee ESX, an aero road bike that sets out to provide wind defying aero properties without sacrificing ride quality.

Aero is everything these days, and Parlee weren't going to get left behind as an ever increasing number of bike manufacturers come up with their own rendition of the aero road bike.

Weighing in at 950g the ESX frame is compatible with both mechanical or electronic groupsets with hidden cable routing. The frame has room for for internal Di2 batteries and unlike other aero road bikes allows enough clearance to run tyres as wide as 28mm.

The ESX was designed to be a rideable bike, Parlee didn't want the ESX to only be enjoyed by the most flexible of riders and the geometry closely follows that of the Parlee Z5. The headtube isn't as short as many other aero bikes out there, but what that taller frontal mass forfeits in aerodymaics it gives back in a more rideable, comfortable position.

The 'Recurve' tubing on the downtube, headtube and fork of the ESX is described as having a 'fluted tail' design. Parlee believe that it is this shape which enables the ESX to posses the low drag qualities of an aero bike whilst also delivering stiffness and reducing weight at the same time. 

The Parlee ESX frameset will start from £3,999, contact us to discuss custom builds.

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