We tested the Muc-Off Luxury Chamois Cream during the punishing 230km Dragon Ride to see if Muc-Off's first entry into the chamois cream market can stand up to the toughest of riding conditions.

Finding the right chamois cream is a very personal journey for most cyclists, one that takes time and miles to perfect. The application process for chamois cream can be a daunting one. Smear it on the pad or your body? Where does one put cream? How much cream is too much? These are all questions that only you can answer and to answer them you are going to need a cream you can trust to last however long you choose to spend on your bike.


Traditionally a bike lubricant and cleaning company, Muc-Off have branched out into premium quality body care products and with their Luxury Chamois Cream, they are setting their sights on becoming a go-to choice for discomfort-alleviation and saddle sore-preventing goodness.

As only an occasional user of chamois cream, mainly for longer rides, the notion of finding a cream that was going to last through rides over two hours in length was an appealing one. Often creams are great for the first 30 minutes of your ride but they soon get absorbed into your pad or skin and by the time hour-three rolls by, it feels like you are sitting on an industrial sander.

After nine-plus hours in the saddle for the 230 kilometre Dragon Ride in Wales, I can attest to the Luxury Chamois Cream's longevity. Granted, I was rather liberal with the cream's application before the ride, however, the cooling feeling remained until the bitter end.


"After nine-plus hours in the saddle for 230 kilometres... I can attest to the Luxury Chamois Cream's longevity."

The cooling comfort of Muc-Off Luxury Chamois Cream was welcomed in the heat of the steep Welsh climbs

Muc-Off's Extreme Skin Lubricant technology perfectly skirts the boundary between softness and longevity, providing lasting alleviation from chafing without rapidly being absorbed into your pad. The cream also claims to be antibacterial, killing 99% of germs. While taking a microscope to any cyclist's used chamois seems like a job for the scientist who drew the shortest of straws, this high level of protection is welcomed and should help to prevent saddle sores and infections.


The cream's natural ingredients were also welcomed. I have relatively sensitive skin and have found that some other creams on the market cause discomfort, especially after they are heated up from pedalling, sweat and saddle friction.

"...aloe vera, shea butter, sunflower oil and witch hazel elements helped to keep any irritation at bay."

Without painting too vivid a picture for you, the Muc-Off cream did not suffer from any of these issues and the aloe vera, shea butter, sunflower oil and witch hazel helped to keep any irritation at bay.

The only possible downside of the cream could be its price tag. However, with a large 250ml tub, you will not have to replenish your chamois cream supply for quite some time, making it a better value proposition than many other creams on the market.



Muc-Off has certainly transferred their expertise and passion for top-quality bike lubricants to their new range of body care products. The Muc-Off Luxury Chamois Cream's cooling feeling and natural ingredients last through tough conditions, making riding all the more comfortable and, after all, being more comfortable on the bike means more time in the saddle.

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