Gravel grinding, enduro. Whatever you call it, it seems that more and more of us are looking to explore a little bit further on our road bikes these days; to see what is around the corner, where the tarmac ends and the gravel begins. At Sigma Sports, we stock some great gravel bikes to let you explore further, so the question is, where should I go and ride?

One event that should be top of your list is the brand new La Resistance ride which takes place on Lake Annecy on the 24th September.

For those of you who haven’t discovered Annecy, it is a real jewel in the crown of the French Alps where impressive peaks and cliffs meet the crystal clear waters of the lake.

Introducing La Resistance Flag


La Resistance is a one-day tarmac and gravel cycling challenge that pays tribute to the heroic men and women of the French Resistance who stood against occupying forces in WWII. The route visits the historic Plateau des Glieres where members of the Resistance were exiled during the war and where the National Resistance Monument is now situated.


The event starts on the shores of Lake Annecy before heading into the mountains to tackle two HC climbs and the amazing, 15km long, Route de la Soif mountain gravel road with stunning panoramic views of Mont Blanc. The route returns to the shores of the lake for a very special “La Guinguette” after-party inspired by the riverside parties of Paris in the early 1900s. Participants, family and friends are invited to enjoy the party which will include live music and dancing and the best of local food and drink.

Introducing La Resistance Descent


Organiser of the event, Ross Muir, doesn’t want the event to thought of as just as another sportive:


“La Resistance is not a race. It's not about the fastest time or the first across the line. It is a chance to challenge yourself, enjoy riding with friends, marvel at the beauty of nature and reflect on the sacrifices of others. We hope people will really enter into the spirit of the event and hold some energy in reserve to party with us into the early hours!”

There are two route options are on offer (130km and 90km). Both feature the signature Route de la Soif, with the shorter route heading back to the lake a little bit earlier and avoiding the punishingly steep Col des Glieres which the long route will tackle. Both routes promise an amazing day out on two wheels.

90KM route

Introducing La Resistance Short Route

130KM route

Introducing La Resistance Long Route


You can find out more about La Resistance by following the link below.