Staying illuminated at night is a given, but the importance of staying seen through those early morning dawn rides, dreary dark days and dusk spins is often overlooked. 

Daylight lights

For those overcast days, the right clothing and lights could make a significant difference to on-road visibility.


Shoe Covers

Moving parts of your body are a great place to add a splash of colour. Your feet are the fastest moving part of your body on the bike. So a pair of reflective booties or bright overshoes are ideal for attracting the attention of fellow motorists.


Gloves and Mitts

Whether you're signalling or you're just holding the bars, your hands are always visible on the bike and with very little effort, can transform your presence on the road with a pair of gloves or mitts with reflective detailing or bright colours.


Jackets and Jerseys

A bright yellow jersey may attract attention but it might not attract style points. Many of the biggest brands now produce jerseys and jackets with subtle reflective detailing to catch the eye of passersby without making you stand out like a sore thumb.




You may not need a full 2000 lumen light set at this time of the year but a set of urban/commuter lights are ideal for adding a little brightness to your ride. Brands such as Bontrager and Exposure Lights now have daylight-specific models and modes to optimise the beam and visibility.

Front Light

An effective daytime light uses a direct beam, which is intensified to extend its range. Range is key here, with daytime specific lights brighter than a traditional nighttime light. These two factors, when combined with a flashing or pulsating pattern, create an eye-catching spectacle.

Rear Light

Research has found a bright flashing front and rear light is the best combination, with a rear light allowing you to appear 2.4 times more noticeable than those not using any lights and 1.4 times more than those using a light with a steady beam.