Some brands always attract attention, and Festka is one that remains irresistible to cycling aficionados from all quarters. Produced in limited numbers but with absolute rigour to your personal demands, Festka stand apart from the crowd.

Exclusive, premium frames and bikes are the mainstay of this brand’s rigorous technical, practical, and visual endeavours, and we at Sigma Sports are proud to carry a tailored selection of this brand’s very best. Available as standard in stock recommended geometries, these bikes are fully customisable and can be made in order to specifications you give as part of a dialogue with the master builders themselves. So, how did this brand get here, and what’s its story? Well for that, you’ll have to read on.

Introducing Festka at Sigma Sports


The Festka Story


Producing just 500 frames annually, Festka’s story starts in 2010, when two friends, Ondrej Novotny and Michael Mourecek, went to a group of frame builders with a plan, and rather than being received with open arms, were met with dismissive looks from frame building traditionalists. Not content to let their dream fixed wheel bike escape them, they started investing in building their own. Naming the company Festka, Czech for ‘fixie’, the two friends took the plunge and attempted what seemed an impossible task.

Endeavoring to produce the finest possible bicycles and realising their ideas at the ultimate level of craftsmanship, the two continued to explore and broaden their horizons, and, set out making not only the finest bikes for the track but for the open road as well.

Introducing Festka at Sigma Sports


The name Festka establishing itself worldwide as a brand of repute, Ondrej and Michael’s team grew, and so did their links to the wider cycling world. Understanding the importance of a personalised experience, this brand continues to listen to the rider and to respond to their demands. Offering both full custom and semi-custom bikes, the Festka model allows you to choose a stock range before melding it entirely to your specific needs, shape, and requirements on the bike. This intuitive and considered approach to creation leads to a far better cycling experience, Festka bikes offer a unique and deep connection with your bike that resonates with every pedal stroke.


Introducing Festka at Sigma Sports


Festka’s Technological Innovation


It’s not just the personal approach though that sets Festka apart. From day one, this brand has worked to deliver the best frames and bikes possible, regardless of cost. Pushing the boundaries of construction, Festka’s carbon fibre is well-known for being borrowed from the aviation industry and Formula One. The signature “rocket tubing’ made from a single fibre, tight-wound carbon strand, assuring you of the lightest composition and the highest integrity, the carbon experience at Festka is without parallel.

Introducing Festka at Sigma Sports


Mastery, though, isn’t just the reserve for carbon tubing. Their team counting a titanium specialist amongst their number, this brand is revolutionary in interfacing this near-indestructible material with their carbon fibre. Assuring you of the greatest security in their rear dropouts, Festka is constantly looking to make the best possible bike, be it in ride quality, weight, speed or strength.


Custom options available across all frame materials, Festka have ruffled feathers not just for their engineering prowess and practical, personal approach, but also for their stunning in house paint jobs and designs. With no end to the possibilities and combinations, Festka’s catch the eye, and keep the attention of seasoned riders. Superbly assembled, and designed with superb attention to detail, the Festka team understand what makes a bike truly special.

Introducing Festka at Sigma Sports


Festka's Stock Collection


Creating a range of standard frames whilst giving you the choice to modify them in any way to meet your requirements, Festka provides a comprehensive range for riders looking for a very particular set of criteria when committing to their ride. With Sigma stocking four iterations of these frames and offering a custom experience with every detail therein, the very best of the elite cycling world is open to you. Taking on the Doppler, Spectre, ONE Road, and ONE Classic framesets, Sigma Sports's offerings are wide-ranging, and the scope for modification, endless.

Introducing Festka at Sigma Sports


Festka & Sigma Sports


Making the world’s most select, premium, and exclusive road bikes, Sigma Sports are proud to partner with Festka to offer their impressive range to a wider audience.

The purchasing experience through Sigma Sports offers you the ability to follow Festka’s own recommended stock specifications, or indeed to pursue a full custom model. This requires you to get in contact with further details to affirm your commitment to a once in a lifetime ride.

Ecstatic to become an official retailer of this stylish, technical, and world-leading custom brand, you can explore our range of bikes, and start to cement your wish list into real-world specifications.

If you'd like to know more about this brand, and their unique services, please contact us with your requests and inquiries.