Whether riding in spring, summer or autumn, you can never predict what the weather has in store. This is where Sportful come in with their NoRain range of clothing. Getting caught out in a shower is never a pleasant experience, so I was keen to test the Sportful NoRain arm, knee and leg warmers to see if they would keep me dry and warm as I racked up the miles.

Starting at the top I pulled on the  Sportful NoRain Arm Warmers. The arm warmer of choice for the Tinkoff Saxo Pro Cycling Team. The Italian company claims these are both water repellant and warm. Fit was my first concern and with rake like arms I was intrigued to see if the silicone banded warmers would stay in place. I needn’t have worried. The small size provided a snug fit and even after a few weeks of riding and a number of washes the warmers had retained their shape.

Now onto the fit of the knee and leg warmers. First impressions were good, the silicone banded upper section kept the warmers in place and felt comfortable against my skin. Fit was good although slightly on the small size and a little bunching up on the back of the knees was a little irritating. Possibly a size up would address this issue.

Despite being black the reflective tabs and Sportful logo provided a welcome addition especially on dark nights commuting back from work.

Sportful’s NoRain nanoflex technology has been incorporated into arm, knee and leg warmers and I was keen to test this water repellent material out. Unfortunately that does mean riding in the rain. I shouldn’t have worried though as even after 45 wet miles in the Essex flat lands, the wet weather protection had done the trick.

Water droplets were sitting on the surface of  the warmers and kept the inner fleece material dry, meaning my legs stayed warm. Only within a couple of miles from home did a bit of water begin to seep through around the knee, possibly due to the material being more stretched in this area. Sportful do not claim the NoRain technology to be completely waterproof and these warmers were definitely some of the best water repellent garments I’d ever used.

Riding in Essex is similar to the exposed roads of Belgium, in that it is rather windy. The arm, knee and leg warmers performed impeccably, keeping the chill off my arms and knees, allowing me to ride in comfort. A truly versatile set of warmers, ideal for temperatures ranging from 8-18 degrees celsius.

In conclusion Sportful’s range of NoRain warmers are a fantastic addition to any kit drawer. Perfect for chilly summer rides and temperamental autumn or spring days.  


  • Repels water keeping you dry
  • Fits well
  • Adds warmth


  • You have to ride in the rain to feel the benefits of the NoRain technology